The Modern Express News (correspondent Wang Wei reporter Zhong Qian He Caili Huang Mingyang) in December 24th, China has independently developed the world's largest amphibious aircraft AG600 in Guangdong Zhuhai Kun long successful first flight, the CPC Ce

According to Indonesian media reported in December 18, 2017; in Semarang (Java) Lahumad Ahmed Jani airport, Boeing C-17A Globemaster III military transport aircraft unloaded a AH-64E Apache helicopter, the ZAKER, personalized recommendation hot news, loca

As a classic armed helicopter that has been in service for 45 years, -24 has been praised by the army fans for its unique and powerful shape. Hungary has a large number of Liemi into -24, but due to the retirement age advanced in age, recently released a

Observer website December 19th reported that the V-280 tilt rotor aircraft of Baer helicopter has made the first flight today. The aircraft has no mooring low altitude hovering for the first time. In the picture and video published by the Bell Co, the key

China's helicopter industry has not been strong because there is no concept of universal helicopters. The so-called general purpose helicopter is a medium-sized transport helicopter with a strong take-off weight of 10 tons, and the Black Hawk of the US Ar

In November 28th, Bohai shipyard and China Shipbuilding Heavy Industries 760 (Dalian Institute of measurement and control technology) signed a construction contract for deep sea equipment comprehensive test ship in Dalian in November 28th. Bo ship group c

The original is not easy, please pay attention to it! Author: Yi character team Liu Beiwu, without authorization to ban! Recently, the Japan Broadcasting Association television reported that the Japanese air self defense force successfully pulled out the

In November 29th, the lights in the aviation industry of Chang Fei Meng assembly plant site, in addition to several aircraft troubleshooting on a worker in the work, the scene did not end as usual be in full swing big sprint. Orderly, neat assembly scene,

Overseas network on 5 December, local time on the afternoon of October 17th, the Japanese air self defense force base UH-60J Hamamatsu rescue helicopter disappeared from radar at the base about 30 kilometers south of the sea training, Japan's defense mini

Recently, the Russian helicopter company showed the progress of the card -226T light helicopter developed for India. According to the contract signed by Russian helicopter company, Russian Defense export company, India Ministry of defense and India state

[observer network synthesis] according to WeChat public number, China Army reported in December 4th. Recently, a group of eighty-second Army Aviation Brigade held a grand farewell ceremony for 24 more than a dozen helicopters. In a comprehensive military

According to reports, India stair is considering the sale of its multipurpose helicopter Polaris technology to a local defense company to start the commercial production of the helicopter. So far, the leadership of the India Stan Airlines has not yet deci

In Chinese Army Aviation straight 10 helicopter gunships, the central army 82 army Army Aviation Brigade of the 10 straight appearance is most special, its tail has a significant pelvic, sighting system is also distributed die design concept, a lot of fri

Outside the tower, the runway, the eagle beat the blue sky. Recently, a large army brigade of the eighty-second Army Corps held a grand ceremony to send out more than ten certain helicopters for 24 years. In a comprehensive military reform when the brigad

Reference News Network reported on November 30th Korean media said, according to South Korea, Gangwon, the East China Sea maritime police department, Ulleung county government 29 days in the morning at 6:50 pm news, South Korean coastguard patrol ship rec

In November 28, Beijing Chinese network reporter Luo Zheng, Yu Lei correspondent reports: reporters from the China first peacekeeping helicopter unit was informed that in November 28th, a by the United Nations and the African union joint mission in Darfur

From 13 to November 19, Oregon Laliye base, Sino US military humanitarian relief activities are being held here. The soldiers of the two countries will introduce each other's special equipment, training methods and successful experience in the multi day c

According to the British "sun" reported on November 15th, in Lancashire, a 1980s Prenton, the British Royal military helicopter was converted into a luxury camp, for a family of four people living. The helicopter model for the Westland lynx X ZAKER, perso

When it comes to the most advanced Chinese, the highest attention to a weapon, many people first thought is probably the f -20 it, yes, China annihilates -20 as the most advanced five generation fighter, has been under the attention of the eyes, in additi

In November 1st, the officers and soldiers of an airborne unit carried out helicopter landing training to improve their combat skills. 8 helicopters is China's own design and production of a large multipurpose tactical transport helicopter, flight range,

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