IT home message in March 28th in accordance with the original product roadmap, hammer mobile phone T2 after the release of a product should be T3, but he did not follow the routine play, after the release of M1 and M1L, hammer T3 has become the foreseeabl

IT home on March 18th news, a new generation of Samsung's flagship Galaxy S8 series will be officially released on 29 this month, about the shape and configuration currently has almost no suspense, now foreign media exposure of four color, may wish to loo

Now the mobile phone is not just so simple phone texting, more and more people use mobile phone to access the Internet, watching video, so the big screen mobile phone is getting more and more attention, and the 5.7 inch screen is just right, neither to ge

If you want to say the most recent news of science and technology, there is no doubt that when the number of NOKIA to restore freedom after the release of the first Android phone Nokia 6. Due to the lower configuration and high price of this phone, caused

2017 with the manufacturers have begun to release their flagship products, Samsung's flagship Galaxy S8 in the first half has become the focus of attention. According to prior news, Samsung will be officially released in April 18th in the United States, N

With the Samsung Note mobile phone 7 to exit the stage, many mobile phone manufacturers began to seize this market space launched mobile phone to carve up the curved screen, Note 7 free market profits, is now available on vivo Xplay6, HUAWEI Mate 9 Pro -

In December 19th 2016, China Mobile Worldwide Partner Conference officially kicked off in Guangzhou poly Pavilion, Jin also exhibited its variety of models in this conference, even will be released in 26 days this month, the flagship of the new machine Ji

The day before, Meizu held a press conference in Beijing, officially released a charm blue X and PRO 6 Plus, which is the most awesome Meizu this year two products. Charm Blue X use of the design style, the use of 2.5D positive and negative hyperbolic gla

On November 20th news, hyperboloid and the rear dual camera seems to become a trend in the current mobile phone, now seems to be Jin while providing these two characteristics in a new machine. Recently, micro-blog users exposed two suspected new Jin spy a

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