According to the latest news from the Taiwan industry chain, VCSEL will meet Apple Corp's larger order for vertical cavity surface emitting lasers next year. This component is an important sensor for the realization of face recognition on apple iPhone X.

According to Bloomberg reports, Apple plans to start early next year, and guide developers to develop a new universal APP, which can be compatible with three devices iPhone, iPad and Mac at the same time. Did you think of Microsoft's UWP? It sounds like a

In December 13th, Apple's chief marketing officer Phil Schiller told reporters, talked about the iPhone X, which also specifically stressed the importance of physical removal of Home keys, in addition to the touch operation more thoroughly, we also love t

In the last three years, I've been using 13 inches MacBook Air until more than 2 months ago, and I got this new Surface Pro. In fact, before I used apple MacBook Air, I also used ASUS ZAKER in the last year of University, personalized recommend popular ne

The apple App Store Editorial Board recommended that is already a lot of APP operators dream things, then become an annual app? Apple released its annual application in 2017 today, compared with the previous popular recommendation from iPhone, iPad and M

The fourth World Internet Conference was held in Wuzhen, China. During the period, Tim was asked to take part in Apple Corp by CEO. Cook chose apple instead of low cost. Cook responded: it's because of the talent and technology of China. It is reported th

At the conference of the world Internet Conference on advanced scientific and technological achievements, ge yue, the managing director of Apple Greater China, showed the Apple's augmented reality platform ARKit to the public. Ge yue said, iOS plus App St

Apple did not launch a conference in March this year, directly on the official website a new 9.7 inch iPad. In addition to the name to remove the extension of 3 years of iPad "Air" word, price is lower, the price is high two apple products. It is reported

Apple has made a more radical integration of the iPad product line in the past two years, basically putting all its energy into the iPad Pro. This reflects Cook's accurate trader marketing, because with the increase of cell phone screen, the status of iPa

In the twinkling of an eye, iPhone X has been released for more than two months. According to Apple tradition, Apple will not have any big moves this year, and next year, Apple will update the iPad product line. According to the current known rumours, the

Apple today in its YouTube channel share why a computer is iPad Pro advertising, highlighting the many benefits of the iPad Pro iOS 11 launched in the new iPad function brings. The background sound of this video -- ZAKER, personalized recommendation hot n

Before the holiday shopping season, Zagg announced today a new Slim Book keyboard protector, made for 10.5 inch iPad Pro. The new protection kit also includes a dedicated Apple Pencil bracket, ZAKER, personalized recommendation hot news, local authoritati

Just a week later, this morning, apple practices pushed Beta 3 version for the iOS 11.2 developer preview, mainly for Bug fixes and stability improvements. In addition, it brought a little surprise to iPhone X users. In the last iOS - ZAKER, personalized

If the news is credible, then iPhone X will be ushered in a major change in the future of Apple equipment is iPad. Apple will launch a redesigned high-end iPad next year, according to the source. Its biggest highlight is that it has been used in iPhone X

The amount of iPhone X with a full screen and Face ID grab a lot of headlines, we are expected Apple will be popular in subsequent products OLED screen and Face ID, the first is the next generation of iPad and big screen version of iPhone X. - ZAKER, pers

[PChome] tablet computer channel information reported in this year's new fall conference, apple brought by full screen design iPhone X and Face ID face unlock technology, these two changes make iPhone X become the most popular Apple products -- ZAKER, per

The introduction of the "face" is a big change in iPhone ID X, the famous science and technology blogger John Gruber (John Gruber) have claimed that apple from a year ago to give up Touch ID, "ID" to face the research and development work, and the next ZA

In November 7th after the news for the iPhone X adapter, early this morning, apple officially push iOS 11.2 developer preview version of Beta 2, the main is to enhance Bug repair and stability, upgrade from the previous version of the download size in 114

Which generation of iPad are you using now? Although the sales of iPad as before, but Apple has already made an adjustment, iPad low prices to seize the market, and iPad Pro for the entire series of profits, this combination has been welcomed by the marke

This year the Navy surprisingly, on the Internet Tucao apple iPhoneX bangs ugly. Have to talk about science and technology, also began to feel that Liu intolerable. But just to comment on Apple's Apple Store technology to experience a real machine, can on

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