In 2017, Apple will publish new products almost every quarter, such as the first quarter iPhone 7, and the 3 new iPhone in the third quarter. Tencent digital news (red fruit), according to 9To5Mac website, 2017, is a heavy news for apple, ZAKER, personali

Recently it is an eventful year for Apple Corp, has just recently exposed down the door, it is not hard, with Qualcomm to start soon. In order to get rid of dependence on Qualcomm, apple recently put a big move. According to the Taiwan electronic times, i

TechWeb reported recently, apple down door dressed originally because of the iPhone 8 series raise a Babel of criticism of, sales compensation resulted by the rating agencies to reduce apple to buy rating, the incident had scorched by the flames of apple

Today foreign media Mirror says iPhone SE 2 will maintain the shape factor of iPhone 5, and the major changes will be focused on the interior and back design. For the appearance of iPhone SE 2, now we may have limited information, but according to B - ZAK

The US "time" magazine website published an article saying that apple is interested in slowing down the old iPhone, which may damage the trust of the user. Have you ever felt that your old iPhone was running at a very slow speed? It's not just one of you.

Recently, most of the users can't bear to admit that Apple has admitted to deliberately reducing the performance of the old iPhone. Standing on Apple's standpoint, he chose the former only on the two balance of endurance and performance, but for the users

This week, apple issued a formal response to doubts about the outside world, admitting that it has taken the initiative to restrict the performance of the old iPhone's processor from a technical point of view. The so-called technology is that Apple emphas

IPhone's battery door event is still fermenting, and there are three collective lawsuits in the United States. But this is not to continue to explore the problems of the old type underclocking, but to talk about my 2017 three iPhone, who's the best endura

KGI securities analyst Guo Mingchi predicted that the battery capacity of the new iPhone will increase significantly next month, but this may not be all about prolonging battery life. His latest investment advisor report predicts that the upgrading of 3D

Have said before iOS11 jailbreak tool has been in research, now well-known developer Jonathan Levin has identified for the iOS11 jailbreak, and Jonathan Levin has announced the launch of the J will be on Christmas day -- ZAKER, personalized recommendation

The iPhone "battery door" event seems to be growing. Geek park has reported in a recent article, for iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 and other devices, Geekbench founder John Poole, respectively, in its ZAKER, personalized recommendation hot news, local authoritative

IPhone for the old slow, there have been two days before the user sued Apple Corp case, and Apple Corp have officially confirmed them for the protection of old mobile phone to iPhone processor shutdown accident frequency, cause the old iPhone slow, which

Apple has confirmed that it restricts the performance of some old iPhone models. The latest system update can limit the peak performance of the processor, reduce power consumption, and prevent the old equipment from shutdown due to the depletion of batter

Basically, I can't get the original screen on the market. I have a friend in the mobile phone repair industry. I've been drinking for me in recent days. I'm saying that the market is quite good now. Do you want to join a stock market or something? I asked

In the technology industry, almost all products are already Made in China, including iPhone, Macbook and other top technology products. But if I tell you that the coolest iMac is not all made in China, do you believe it? It turns out that Apple has one -

At the end of every year, Apple will be selected this year's most popular App, now the 2017 most popular App released, but this ranking seems... The best picture from App:Calm iPhone... Love live network this is a fancy burst table ZAKER, personalized rec

Apple's three new iPhone has finally been equipped with wireless charging this year, but Apple's official AirPower will not be available until next year. Before that, if users want to use the wireless charging function of iPhone, they have to purchase a t

Sometimes, it's really necessary to use iPhone to support our ancestors. Since there are some things that we can't change, we must learn to adapt. For example, these iPhone charging errors should be avoided as much as possible. One, do not charge too low

Users who use iPhone may have such an experience, from the first day to the morning, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, and finally, charging treasure can't leave the mobile phone half a meter away. Many people think that only battery phones c

Recently, iDropNews released the apple iPhone Xc concept map foreign media, this is a mid-range machine after three year flagship Apple Corp announced, because according to reports, this iPhoneXc price may be $449 to 5 ZAKER, personalized recommendation h

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