As everyone knows, Apple CEO Cook believes that the 5G industry chain is not mature enough, so Apple did not add 5G support to the latest iPhone 11 series phones, not to mention the iPhone released before this year. And the author opened Jingdong Mall today and found that

The iPhone is the only thing in many smartphones. People who like it regard it as the best mobile phone in the world. It doesn’t buy it. People who don’t like it think it is the world’s highest IQ tax. Who is stupid to buy. Although I believe that most people are not so extreme, they can train two at the same time.

Three months after the crash, the foreign camera evaluation agency DxOMark finally announced the camera score of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Take a photo of 124 points, video score 102 points, comprehensive 117 points, although it feels good to watch 117 points alone.

NFC Practical Scenario Since iOS 13 provides higher NFC openness and shortcut command App introduced automation function, NFC is not a new thing on the iPhone "renewed the second spring", we can use it to achieve various Real

On November 1st, the three major operators' 5G packages were officially launched, starting at 128 yuan per month. From the perspective of 5G package tariffs, the price systems of the three operators are not much different. China Unicom and China Telecom's 5G package started from 129 yuan, with a maximum of 599 yuan.

Not long ago, the DxOmark score came out, and when it came to a later release, DxOmark said that it was waiting for the iPhone 11 Pro Max to update DeepFusion. However, the results of the photo show that Apple iP

Today, PhoneArena has created the iPhone 12 concept rendering, the most attractive nature is the rear four shots and smaller bangs. At the same time, the overall shape design is close to iPhone 4, 5, SE, square, can also be said to be similar to iPad Pro

In the afternoon of November 11th, recently, Chinese photographers used a set of photos taken by the latest iPhone 11 Pro Max released this year. They used their unique perspectives in different cities to dig out more excellent images. Also feeling a sentence:

Sina US stocks November 11th Although Apple's profit margin has dropped this year, and the new iPhone has not surprised analysts, the company has soared more than $400 billion in market value so far this year. The tech giant's share price closed at a record last Friday.

A while back, Tony brushed up such a piece of news. . . A couple went hiking, unfortunately fell off the cliff and was saved by Apple Watch's fall detection. Since this brother is only 28 years old, the original fall detection is turned off by default, but he just manually enabled this.

Beginning in November, the successive shopping season will allow everyone's wallets to start slimming. As a fruit powder, in addition to considering whether to replace the new main equipment in this year's shopping season, there is also an absolute strength of Apple accessories worth mentioning, needless to say, of course, AirPods Pro.

IT Home November 7th According to Appleinsider news, Apple stopped signing iOS 13.1.2 and iOS 13.1.3 on Wednesday, which turned off the downgrade verification channel to ensure iPhone users run

Apple today released iOS 13.2.2 to iPhone and iPad users, and everyone should have received the push. This is an urgent minor update after the release of iOS 13.2 last week, mainly to fix bugs, including for RAM management, bees.

Although it's less than half a year since Apple introduced iOS 13, there are already conceptual designers who have made a concept video of iOS 14 based on the expectations of the fruit powder for the next generation of iOS systems, and some of them have already been very popular. Features, such as component calls

With the addition of new features such as "Super Wide Angle Lens", "Night Mode" and "New Generation Smart HDR", mobile video has become the highlight of this year's iPhone 11 series. However, among the functions listed above, there is a hidden feature that is not very useful but is very useful. On release

According to foreign media reports, although Apple just released Q4 quarterly earnings report, reports from the three major market intelligence companies said that despite the high income, iPhone shipments in the third quarter of the past have declined. From Canalys, IHS and Stra

TechWeb November 5th Message / Little Fox 2019, known as the 5G smartphone first year. Major mobile phone manufacturers including Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo and Samsung have launched or will launch 5G mobile phones this year, but Apple has

A few days after Apple released strong earnings data at the end of October, we were able to see a lot of prospects about Apple's future on the web. Interestingly, most reviews and analysis are positive, but some people give bad reviews. This bad review is very interesting. New iPhone cycle

Microsoft today announced a new iOS Office app. The app will include 3 Office apps -- Word, Excel and PowerPoint - and will provide all the standard features. In addition to a unified application experience, new

On November 3rd, according to foreign media phoneArena, the design of iPhone 12 will return to a sharper and more concise aesthetic style to convey the design feeling of iPhone 4 and 5. It is worth mentioning that the iPhone 12 and

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