The soul series developer From Software has confirmed that the "new" armored core is committed to development, at the same time, the Japanese studio also revealed that they are developing a strange (Weird) works the impact of facts, but this works Never m

In June this year, the United Kingdom from the European Union for a referendum, and ultimately the success of europe. However, the move has caused a sharp devaluation of the pound, commodity prices rose. Among them VR (

# produced black # recently boiled 58 market merger rumors come true finally to the ending, with the merger of the two companies in two industry leader will hold together

The main application will be just a torso iOS applications, and the expansion of the system is the application of the hands and feet together, they are a whole, together to create a new interactive iOS applications.

Click on the top of the blue font attention. You can also search the public number "D1net" choose to pay attention to all fields of D1net (cloud computing, data centers, large numbers

Such as "6" official website in today's update, discloses the prologue story. "Dragon" is 6

Android mobile phone system is very popular due to open, now Android platform has accounted for the vast majority of the global mobile phone market share, but

As early as April, Intel announced that it will lay off 12 thousand people in 2017, accounting for 11% of the total number of global employees, the supply chain industry revealed that Intel's first two waves of the whole

Click on the blue WeChat front attention to obtain first-hand news! With the fact that Britain's off - Europe has become a reality, the financial markets in Britain and the whole of Europe immediately suffered a huge

A few days ago, the British made a referendum on the EU from the EU, and the results of the referendum to the world's expectations, the British may be out of the eu. Influenced by this event

Britain out of the EU, the Premier League will have what kind of impact?

An important event that affects the future of the UK, Britain is in Europe. De ou. Ou. By.. As a result: the Premier League players, a number of non labor card players will not be able to

Efforts to do China's most popular football micro signal click on the top of the blue word attention to football in this article only on behalf of the author's point of view, and the site has nothing to do with the text in the text and pictures

The 9 lines of the game, will affect the future of virtual reality

The 2016 season of the tournament qualifying The path winds along mountain ridges. has ended, four battle in sight

Her sister is a skill every one of the boys wanted to get, especially in the Spring is in the air.

"Mafia 3" is perhaps the most ambitious of the series to date. The story of this time

"Mafia 3" is perhaps the most ambitious of the series to date. The story of this time

"Super" speaker Liu Xingliang in the past to predict the future, now his prediction has proved most. He also said that the future of artificial intelligence will have their own thinking and emotions. Want to know what is it? Watch the video!

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