Farewell to the "2016 live broadcast the first year", in 2017, more and more enterprises and even the platform began to "live +" as the breakthrough of new competition

By the State Press and Publication Administration of radio, the state Internet information office and the Sichuan Provincial People's government guidance, Chengdu Municipal People's government, China Network audio-visual program Service Association

"The day Yan Lu" star test does not delete files open, the games like PVP game player open star war grand and fierce, or is turned against, or fight alien planet control, launched a set of battlefield mechanism more subversive. "Days of the record" in the

2016 Pujiang Innovation Forum in the future (Science) sub forum, from the well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad to imagine changing the world - the future of science and technology development

18183 Mobile Games rankings released the November 2016 list report, combined with the application treasure November Mobile Games list data show that IP Mobile Games is still the main theme of Mobile Games market in the list, accounting for nearly half, th

The CEIBS professor of entrepreneurship Gong Yan recently in Taiwan central point of entrepreneurial business case sharing. Tiger sniffing according to the sound recording and editing: your friends, big

In November 10th, Daheng innovation, InFocus (InFocus) strategic cooperation ceremony and products conference successfully held in Beijing Westin Grand Washington D C Hotel. Global

The morning of October 12th, a global innovation field gathered large coffee elite of Zhongguancun innovation and entrepreneurship season - Global Innovation Summit 2016 in Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Zone Exhibition Center staged wonde

Cloud pigeon online as the industry chain partners UF, articles of enterprise Internet products "enterprise" Business Innovation Conference China headlines unveiled the Internet enterprises, together with the enterprise managers and practitioners of the I

Relative to the area of Ningbo City, Ningbo high tech Zone is only a small plot of land. However, this is only in the area of 55 square kilometers, has initially formed a relatively complete system of science and technology service industry, including res

Shenzhen, a city full of innovative spirit. Here singing "the story of the spring", the interpretation of the legend of innovation. Now in this legendary city, there is a 11.5 square kilometers of the place, no matter what measure of economic indicators,

All along, the combination of fashion and innovation, fashion and technology is the main theme of this era. Glory 8 and New York fashion week, combined with China's service elements, will bring about how to use the "Chinese color", to show what Chinese st

300 thousand registered developers, nearly 400 thousand projects, the amount of 15 million transactions, the acquisition of GitCafe, the introduction of online software trading credit product system, breaking the pattern of the software package, which is

Just two years, the network ensemble from the beginning of the first in the field of vision development to today's content quality, the number of ratings can match with the TV variety. No matter in the content production or commercial value realization le

There has been such a perception, Apple seems to lag behind in the field of artificial intelligence Google, Facebook, and even Baidu and other companies.

Tiger sniffing note: CEO NADELLA since after he took office, there is no lack of controversy, but he let Microsoft become

This paper summarizes the # flag produced # basket network three strange: 1, do not do high-end, fresh, just ordinary food; per person 2, 60 single day express delivery

The April 21st launch of public comment flash benefits, Green Tea first opened, opened only half a month, Shan Hui trade volume has exceeded 3 million, and in August this figure has more than ten million, behind a huge volume of transactions is the cashie

2015 is not over, but we still can not wait to do a physical inventory, these occur in 2015, the great innovation, but also will continue to affect the

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