Photo source: New Zealand editor: 77 cosmetic surgery should be cautious, otherwise there will be risk of disfigurement! Recently, the public number quoted a report found in New Zealand, China students Xiao Zhou, do rhinoplasty micro surgery in a beauty a

This article from the public,: Canadian students at ID:cadaily in December 2015, a 16 year old female student China way to school by a beam Allison with medical masks and gloves of the man with a knife attacked from behind, throat and face a total cut two

Ma Junwei issued a document recently, Chinese student Jiang song Japanese murder case attracted widespread attention. According to Japanese media reports, local time on November 3, 2016, studying in Japan Tokyo Hosei University China students Jiang Ge, Li

These two days, Sohu, Sina and other web portals and Sydney today, students and other public number WeChat koala have spread a message: in July 5th, a Chinese student at Melbourne Airport by customs officers stopped, required checks of mobile phone conten

Sleep, something that no one can resist. If lack of sleep, it will have many negative effects on the human body, such as class or work, no mental, memory decline, accelerated skin aging, and even higher mortality! A school in London, England, had a sleep

Black is always a big landlord, the party who my friends abroad every year, the landlord suffered sinister pit students too many to count. But the following story may be more wonderful, you can not expect such a sinister person. After a long exhausting fl

Chinese female student Yang Shuping's graduation speech at University of Maryland brought another speech video with fire. The same graduation speech, also pointed out in the speech of some of China's problems, the two speeches a contrast, netizens shouted

Teresa May (Theresa May), as the British Conservative Party veteran, served as prime minister after the British immigration policy has been the subject of much attention. In a lot of media opinion, there is an immigrant killer, said Mei Mei, the future ma

Britain already has more than 40 fraudulent websites selling fake diplomas. According to the degree of higher education institutions in charge of the investigation of the inspection data (Higher Education Degree Datacheck, referred to as HEDD) provides in

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