Deng Xia, who lives in Luohu, Shenzhen, in the afternoon of December 11, 2019, burned charcoal in his bathroom and ended suicide. His husband Zheng Jun (pseudonym), who was only 36 years old, told reporters that he had found Deng Xia (pseudonym) has a huge debt of nearly 3 million yuan,

Unexpectedly, a New Year's Eve party at station B was completely raging. On the weekend, many netizens who missed the live broadcast said they would make up lessons, and even many users who were not in station B before were also caught by the party. For Station B, which held the New Year's Eve Party for the first time, it was undoubtedly a satisfactory answer. This

Who else hasn't watched "Ying Yu Nian"? This is a pirated complete collection that can be searched on the entire Internet every time an episode is updated. The audience is willing to drop the bottom line and watch it overnight. The plot design is reasonable and not lacking in conflicts. There are flesh and blood and unique character settings, and each item is gratifying to the audience. And as

Jeffree Star, a well-known fashion beauty blogger in North America. He has recently moved. To be more precise, it was the castle. This is the entrance of the house ▽ There is a pool between the huge circular staircase, and a potted landscape will be planted later.

As soon as Price Capital announced that all compensation agreements had been reached, investors denied that they had not participated in the negotiations and had not received a penny. This 2 billion is enough for Wang Sicong to live a busy life. Text / Liang Kun After half a year, Wang Sicong and Pusi Capital relied on a paper announcement to make the national husband

Image credit @ 视 中国 文 | Business is just this kind of TV series "Qing Yu Nian" sparked a battle between the public and video websites. Due to the popularity of TV dramas, video sites Tencent and iQiyi have introduced a payment mechanism on the basis of membership payment-advanced on-demand, 50 yuan can be watched in advance

News on January 2 Today, China National Railway Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the National Railway Group) working conference was held in Beijing. According to the information from the Central Broadcasting Network, the National Railway Group revealed that this year the National Railways will improve the quality of railway passenger and freight transportation services and market...

Beijing time January 1, 2020 news, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today said that after a one-minute power outage yesterday afternoon, some chip production at its Huacheng chip factory has been suspended. Samsung said in a statement that it is checking production lines for restart and is reviewing

On December 31, 2019, the Intermediate People's Court of Loudi City, Hunan Province recently made the case of the first instance public to the former party committee secretary and chairman Huang Ming of Hunan Xingxiang Investment Holdings Group Co., Ltd. for taking bribes, misappropriating public funds, usury loans, fraud judgment. December 2019

Online friend Yu Nuan claimed that Fucai can make a lot of money. In October 2019, Ms. Yang met a 28-year-old man on a dating software and then added WeChat. The man claimed that he had four supermarkets and two processing plants. A bar is full of brainpower to earn more money than Ms. Yang

Original title: Peking University Weiming Group at the end and then Baolei: Eat warning letter, occupied capital of listed companies 500 million Source: Bureau of health knowledge: a day before New Year's Day, more than, Peking University Weiming Group re Baolei. Due to letter violations, on December 30, Weiming Pharmaceutical announced that the controlling shareholder Beijing Peking University...

On December 31, the 2019-2020 Friends New Year's Eve speech, Luo Zhenyu talked about having discussed with investors: In the past, the prodigal son was a real mess, the current prodigal is very diligent in investing. The current rich second generation is not good enough. The more diligent, willing to start a business, and invest more

Text | Half Buddha Fairy 1 Today is the last day of 2019, and it will be 2020, and I suddenly want to say something. So I didn't sleep in the middle of the night. I exported all the post messages and dialog box messages in the background and did a simple text analysis.

Compared with the previous practice of giving 500 million hands, the debt owed by Wang Jianlin has not been publicly released. Instead, Wanda Group took the lead in responding: the company did not provide any guarantee for any debts of the chairman Wang Jianlin, the son of Wang Jianlin, and the companies it controlled also No funds were exchanged. (This article is exclusive with Tencent News

Author: A Old Source: Gangster trends (ID: dalaodongxiang) 2019 Nian has to end, it seems that the man is back. Li Ka-shing, who once withdrew from the market, began to re-lay out domestic commercial real estate. A few days ago, Yateng Asset Management

Apple Daily, a member of the Gang of Four who caused disasters in Hong Kong, was accused of spreading a lot of false news. The lawsuit was filed by Hong Kong China Innovation Investment Co., Ltd. The chairman and chief executive of the company were recently slandered by fake agents Wang Liqiang as the Chinese spy in Hong Kong and Taiwan

Image source @ PanoramaVisual 文 丨 Ai Yongliang A thousand years ago, the inn store's Xiao Eryi line was neat and clear. A lot of guests came to rest for the boss. Today, the hotel has stepped into modernization, becoming a modern consumer place that integrates catering, entertainment and other ancillary services. hit

Five years ago, David Wallerstein, an American who joined Tencent around 2000, decided to ask management for a C level title. This is not his vanity. He grew up in the United States and came to Asia at the age of 16.

I wanted to use my spare money to invest in financial management, but I encountered a pig killing scheme without thinking, and was defrauded 210,000 yuan. Ms. Li immediately contacted the police, and with the help of the police, she cheated her money back. In the video of CCTV Finance's "On Time Finance" column, in early December this year, Ms. Li was invited to add

Latvia sees China as a threat for the first time. According to the Latvian National News Agency on the 28th, the Latvian National Security Agency in a forthcoming report considers Russia, the CIS countries and China as the main threats to the country next year. According to public opinion, Latvia has become another

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