It is reported that fishermen in Indonesia West Papua province have been fishing for several days on a manual floating platform. At night, fishermen will turn on the lights to attract cuttlefish and bait fish into fishing nets, when they deliberately lowe

It is reported that the American photographer Edu Ch (IdoMeirovich) used the UAV to capture the unique figure of the surfers from the high altitude. The picture taken from the new photography angle is like an abstract art work, attracting many netizens' o

It is reported that OlgaHenry, 34 years old, from California, USA, began practicing a "stunt" 3 years ago. When she tried to walk on the rope, she later became a ballet dancer, walking on a rope or even a beer bottle. It's amazing.

It is reported that from Russia Penza, 29 year old girl Ekaterina Lisina is the tallest woman in the country. 2.057 meters tall, Katya (Ekaterina's nickname) leg length is 133 cm, now she also want to challenge the two Guinness world records, respectively

It is reported that 24 year old Natasha and his husband Andreas held a luxurious wedding in Sydney, which cost a total of 150 thousand Australian dollars (840 thousand yuan), including two sets of wedding dresses, a fireworks show, and a 7 level wedding c

It is known that dogs are the best friends of human beings. But Indonesia Menado, (Manado) the 2 Alaska sled dog's eyes but only each other. The dog's owner two days before their wedding ceremony, more than 100. The picture shows the bride Yipa dressed in

It is reported that in Turkey's southeast Anatolia region, an ancient village has a history of 12 thousand years will probably disappear forever, because only here to build a controversial dam. Click on the picture and go to the next page. The subtitle si

It is reported that a man named Aigeba village in the African nation of Nigeria Benue state, the village is famous Widow Village, the village has a total of more than 100 widows. Click on the picture to go to the next page subtitle, originally in 2015, th

It is reported that the 38 year old Claire Matav and her husband not long ago in the history of the cloud at the British Wiltshire to spend 290 thousand pounds (about RMB 2 million 580 thousand) to purchase a new house, can be moved in a few days later, t

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