"Where's daddy to go 5" today (7 days) collectors, and Wu Chun these two days, but because of a micro-blog on the point of public opinion. Wu Chun took his son Max to take part in "Daddy where to go 5" (photo source: Wu Chun micro-blog). When Wu Chun took

In the film "The Shawshank Redemption", there is a scene, I have always been impressed. Actor Andy detained in prison, three months of complete darkness. When he was released, his eyes were calm, and he was asked how he could stand it Andy replied, "Mozar

In recent years, the prevalence of low vision and myopia has increased year by year in young people. Also often see the news: 8 years old child myopia 700 degrees! 2 and a half years old, 500 degree myopia! Look at is the thrill...... Eyes are the visual

Ianka Trump's fame is different from that of his father, who is not only a successful businesswoman, fashion designer, but also the mother of three children. The media interviewed Ivanka a day's schedule recently, she learned that both busy in one or two,

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Chocolate is a kind of small food that children like to eat very much. Proper eating is good for children, it can improve children's immunity and help children to supplement trace elements, but it is necessary to know that chocolate has high calorie and f

We all know that babies don't grow linearly, and a large part of the baby has a lot of it in the first year. Meng long is a period of rapid growth of height and weight of the baby, to the fierce long-term baby, eat more, grow fast, often crying, this is a

Some mothers said, since the baby on the kindergarten, the cold repeatedly, nutrition absorption seems to have not been good before, resistance seems to have dropped. In fact, the baby into the park love of illness, often because of environmental changes,

Nadia is a 2 year old from Poland small adorable girl, a blond and bright blue eyes, coupled with funny and funny little face, let who see her you are suddenly ~ there is such a lovely daughter, Nadia's mother wouldn't miss her dress chance - ZAKER person

We all know that babies don't grow linearly, and a large part of the baby has a lot of it in the first year. Meng long is a period of rapid growth of height and weight of the baby, to the fierce long-term baby, eat more, grow fast, often crying, this is a

Today's kids are growing up in almost all kinds of electronic products, smartphones, tablet PCs, and Kindle even more adults than adults. Indeed, the age of science and technology inevitably arrives. At present in the field of education, education institu

Source: slot value (micro signal: caozhi163), the last issue of "dream reformer", there is an annoying story. The principal Fifi intermediary, according to the price of a phase out of print Lakeview room from low to high ranking, the average price of ten

Autumn is the year with the baby enjoy good time outdoors, the sky a pleasant climate, coupled with fruitful, let the children explore nature appropriate. However, if you want to let children play outdoors more happy and comfortable, but also reduce mom a

Imperceptibly today is the beginning of winter, which means that the real winter has come, will be more and more low temperature. In the face of the cold, how do mothers and fathers plan to dress up their babies? Eva, a little adorable girl from Italy, ma

These two days, I am busy to help children find the next year's kindergarten, because he is not enough age, then can only go to private kindergarten. After several days of groping, silently felt the wallet hurt. Because you can't go to the public (age is

Angel supermodel Les Ribeiro (Lais Ribeiro) in 2017 to become Vitoria's Secret (Victoria s Secret) Fantasy Bra's interpretation of 2017 in Vitoria -- media information authority

The China / Youth Daily micro signal: zqbcyol recently, many users have been the envy of the Fudan sisters in the program once remember boxing moves, again popular network. Onlookers netizen called when you can rely on face to eat, just rely on talent. Fu

Today is the first day of November 3rd, iPhone X officially on sale, before the scheduled in the official website of the user, the first batch of today will also get a new mobile phone, presumably before long, we can see all kinds of fancy in the circle o

Why did the first car invented by Benz only have three wheels? What are the similarities and differences between Rolls-Royce and Ferrari, which are famous cars? What is the future of driverless cars in the end what is the principle? Is it really going to

Everybody loves fruits, especially children, but parents tend to ignore that. Some fruits are nutritious, but some of them are not suitable for babies who are too small to eat. If your baby is not 1 years old, then the following 4 kinds of fruit should no

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