NetEase entertainment reported in December 2nd that Deng Jiajia, the famous mainland actress, who had been known as the "love apartment", had deleted all micro-blog and canceled the attention before leaving her studio account and broker's micro-blog accou

Ma Su, what's the situation? It's so revealing that it's so normal! Ma Su's sexy dress attracted the attention of countless photographers, and the flashing didn't stop. Liu Yan has become a background board, Feng Shui turns, who would have thought that th

The past ten said a three minute sales exceeded the 10 billion, you fat friends, since we also participated in the project of billions of people! (proud face) said that this year, eleven pairs of more tricks, catch a cat get red packets, lit torch red pac

The two day period of Japanese to Shaolin Temple in Quanzhou to learn "float" Kung Fu video spread on the Internet at a Japanese artist in the video (comedian) (Miyazon, construct's) after practice, the ultimate success of challenge drift out of 25 meters

Bret master Fangshan (left) to Heiligenblut martial arts teach trick. Tao Shelan photo Beijing, Sydney 5 November Xinhua: Australia Shaolin foreign disciples of the Chinese Kung Fu reporter Tao Shelan imagine a group of foreigners, the youmoyouyang to pla

In the martial arts novels or movies, often can see was a martial arts cheats, then became a martial arts master plot. Even in the martial arts master who mostly rely on advanced cheats learn kung fu, most can only be reduced and the second rate from the

Competition in the catering industry, high shop rate, high rate of elimination has become the industry's new normal; … … at the same time, this industry ushered in the era of diversification, the emergence of fast fashion, health and intelli

May 4th, schoolchildren show a word horse Kung fu. The same day, in the cup in 2017, Ji'nan Flyover District primary and secondary school students and faculty track and field, the students show the characteristics of setting-up exercises, show word horse,

From Huo Yuanjia, Chen Zhen, and then to the house, two IP, one day, the horse three, these positive or evil, or real or fictional character for the audience raised the mysterious veil of martial arts. The forming of martial arts, martial arts film contai

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In the recent warm-up match with the French team, the Chinese men's basketball team has a fight again. Although things do not make big, who is wrong and who can not say that clearly, but we can not help but ask, Chinese men

Foreigners to China what can not tolerate the wonderful Tucao? Eat dog meat, will be a good time

Bruce Lee's influence throughout the world, his works are not because of the old and faded, but more respected by the fans of the Kung Fu film. Today through 33 pictures, to review his wonderful film and television life.

"The meeting is open to now busy to all forget to send a blessing micro-blog halo. BTW keep a good job. Alec Su Wallace Huo Ruby Lin love to send a blessing to Sina entertainment news in May 20th, Wallace Huo Ruby Lin public affair.

Wu Li stretches soars into the days of snow mountain peaks, uninhabited isolated outpost Nitto, twists and turns the ups and downs of patrolling the roads... A "Karate Kid" red border story is being staged here." This sentence is the beginning of martial

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