Huishan (06863HK) China mirror as part of listed companies, in the "great leap forward" in the industrial layout, and gradually face cash flow atrophy, capital chain tension dilemma. In order to save themselves, and often at the cost of great leverage, th

The current real estate market is very hot, whether there is a bubble in the property market, the residents sector leverage is too high, naturally become the focus of the problem. Lu Zhengwei, SG Securities analyst Li Miaoxian said, real estate bubble, is

It's really not low! On the China residents mortgage leverage Abstract: China residents mortgage leverage is still significantly lower than that of the United States and Japan and other developed countries? In the end how to repay the pressure? This artic

The Li Yujia in the first half of this year, although the growth rate is lower than the preset M2 11.8%

Non-ferrous metals, iron and steel led the stock index closed at 3018.75 points, down 0

Domestic mortgage lending rate recently accelerated, so that the market is concerned about the high leverage ratio of residents

News U.S. stocks higher, the dollar rose, gold fell U.S. debt. The July new non agricultural super pre

Development and Reform Commission: research to reduce the leverage ratio of the Securities Times reporter Xu Yan to leverage is

Market news SASAC: China CITS (45.320, -0.47,

Market news SASAC: China CITS (45.320, -0.47,

[introduction] from the first financial teachers today about Boland department the latest report. "Million

Member of the central bank monetary policy committee, Fang Gang, director of the Beijing National Economic Research Institute, 5, in

Text / Sina Financial opinion leader column (WeChat public kopleader

Wang Gengyu Yao Yudong in the current economic environment, the central three to a drop of a supplement"

Whether to moderate leverage, can have both fish and bear's paw? Come and look at this article. author

With the current hot real estate perspective, the bank's household deposits can only buy less than 7

Recently, China's debt problem caused by the international community attention, the scale of China's debt in the end how much?

This paper addresses the micro signal "Zhou Hao macro exchange" author Asian High German Commercial Banks

The largest shareholder Softbank group Alibaba (SoftBank) today announced that plans to throw

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