Ten years of research, Ke Jingteng, a hundred years of repairing Wang Xiaoyu, the millennium of Li Daren … … a marriage to marry Li Daren is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people! Today, Li Daren’s actor, Chen Bolin, is approaching and welcoming his own happiness. According to Taiwan media reports, October

It’s hard to refuse to face the confession. It’s because of the special cherishment of the friendship. It’s especially easy to get lost. The appreciation between friends will be treated as love. Finally, the girl Chen Li (pseudonym) and the man Zhang Feng (pseudonym) are both hurt. In his 20s, this is an ordinary friend. On the afternoon of August 5, Zhang Fengtuo

The picture shows the Ningbo "love show" scene Zhang Qiaoling photo of Ningbo "love"

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