At 9 pm on November 27, the traffic on Zhuhai Airport West Road was endless, and Jinwan Traffic Police was examining passing vehicles. Suddenly, a shrill horn sounded not far away, which caught the attention of the traffic police. I saw a Guangdong C1 & amp; times; & amp; times; 96 white in traffic

Recently, a man in Shun County, Guizhou Province, was refused traffic police after being drunk driving. After the unsuccessful start, he was still on the scene: I have to wear handcuffs and must wear it! It turned out that this scene occurred on the night of November 15th, at 9 o'clock that night, the traffic police at the south intersection of Changshun District was illegally inspected at night.

As the saying goes: The cephalosporin is wine, and it will go away as soon as it is eaten. I believe most people can understand the meaning of this sentence. If you take cephalosporin and drink alcohol, your body will have a series of adverse reactions, such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and respiratory failure. Reporter from Chengdong Branch of Xining Public Security Bureau, Qinghai Province

Sega announced today the latest episodes of "The Light and Dark Directions of the Dragon 7", the most surprising of which is the familiar back and tattoo of the ending: Kiryu Ima, the first public appearance, and the protagonist of this day, Kasuga Something to start a fight! This work was on November 13th (today)

Recently, Zhejiang Wenzhou Wen transaction police found a drunk driving man. When the police took him to the blood test, a dramatic scene took place. The man said to the police: I am dizzy, do you give me a hug? After the police agreed, the man plunged into the policeman’s arms. Netizen: The policeman is also very popular! (Editing Wu Haoran

A foreign man chose fishing as a way to solve the fatigue in two days, and to realize the scenery of nature by the way. In the morning the man get all the fishing tools, came to the sparsely populated, with a small river, to see such a beautiful scenery

When a foreign man walks on a river, it finds the heap of the bottom of the foot. When the man approached, he found a similar jar in the mound and took a look at it. Click the picture into the next page subtitle and pick up the soil layer and find it is a

A man was a fishing enthusiast. He went fishing out of the sea one day. He didn't expect to catch a very strange and huge fish on the same day. The fish looked strange and ugly. Surprisingly, the fish's face was very strange. Click the picture into the ne

The man lived in village, an ordinary day as usual to the mountain herbs, but inadvertently send red giant branches, curious is decided to go there to have a look. Click the picture to the next page: the red object looks very strange, like a tree

The 82 year old KenHill from Norfolk ginstling. In 1975, Ken spent 5300 pounds (46 thousand yuan) to buy a local historical building. After 42 years, its value has now been nearly 300 thousand pounds (2 million 600 thousand yuan). Click the picture into

It is reported that one day he went to the zoo to escort his family to the toilet. During that time, he went back to the toilet. But unexpectedly, when he opened the door, he found a huge tiger lying on the washbasin. Another man took a mobile phone next

Today, when worms were used up, they wanted to dig earthworms on the spot. When they had been excavated for less than ten centimeters, they suddenly got two big fingers on their little fingers, and then crawled out two small monster like earthworms and sn

On an island in New Zealand, a man goes by boat and finds a peristaltic creature on the reef on the island! Then come in and see, the whole scalp is numb! It turns out that the whole rock is made up of this weird creature! It's very scary. Carefully

The man found a hole in the mountain, and there was an animal in it. Click the picture to the next page to see the hole dug: click the picture to the next page: it seemed to be something moving. Click the picture to the next page: #

Coriander is a common food. In the life of people, coriander will bring great changes to people. On every table, maybe coriander is very common. Is it good for men to eat coriander? For a common thing such as coriander, people want to eat.

Look at this picture. This is a huge catfish. It was caught by a man in Holland. This catfish is about 100 years old, and his weight is 400 Jin. It can't see this man is holding fast. Click the picture into the next page subtitle and catch such a big catf

Foreign friends to see a Meng Meng Da in the wild animal, bird or rodent like feet, with a stick and slowly walk away. The body is round and looks lovely! Click the picture to enter the next page of the subtitle of the net friend is very curious, just thi

The men's subway station goes into his girlfriend's pants and keeps holding her butt. Lovers are tall, and girls have fair skin, showing long and beautiful legs. The man's right hand is placed in his girlfriend's butt. Click the picture into the next page

We cut our hair every other time, but have you seen it with an axe? Recently, a Russian hairdresser went through the axe to make two women's hair videos popular online, attracting many people's attention, but I believe that most people dare not try.

It is reported that a man of foreign rural field treasure dug drums in the mountains, the man excited. Click the picture to the next page: such a big drum can hold many good stuff. Iron man buried very deep, tired sweating, it dug up the whole

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