Recently, a memory printed with UniIC LOGO appeared on the network, which is called the DDR4 memory developed by the purple light. At the beginning, you didn't really believe the authenticity of the picture, because the word "PC3-12800U" appeared on the s

Although our country has made great progress in various fields of technology science, to reach or exceed the international top level, but the semiconductor industry has been a big short board, of course we are trying to catch up, whether CPU processor sup

In 2017, the memory of a soaring, which allows the flash manufacturers smile, but recently more than a month's time, memory prices began to decline, memory can really return to the price of cabbage? Though PC has been languish for many years, but it is ho

For more than a year, the price of memory soared, and single 8GB once approached a thousand yuan. Although it has recently begun to fall, it is still far higher than normal. Suddenly, this to their own computer with how much memory became a very tangled t

The faster speed is always the pursuit of every computer hardware fancier, but often the hardware configuration is higher faster, means that the greater the volume of the computer desktop, only to have the space to expand, but the pirate ship disagreed, t

My refrigerator exploded. The refrigerator was burnt and turned into a pile of scrap iron. The walls and furniture were all smoked into black. In December 13th, Mr. Ma, a resident in Ning Garden District of Yinchuan, told our news hotline that his refrige

If you know about Apple ecology, you must know what the black apple means on the Internet. Since Apple has been using Intel's processor, OS X can be installed on Intel CPU and some AMD CPU machines. It appears - ZAKER, personalized recommendation of popul

In recent years, the price of memory and flash always affects everyone's heart, because the capacity problems of several times have made the price of storage device ride several roller coaster cars, although the price of flash memory has stabilized, and i

According to Sina entertainment news release today, Picks's animated "dream ring travels" at the weekend ushered in a large outbreak, Saturday and Sunday at the box office has broken million, the cumulative box office exceeded 500 million mark, which is P

IT home in December 3rd after the release of a message in 5T, a day before the launch of a OnePlus 5T and Star Wars Edition in the overseas (Star Wars Special Edition), a simple mobile phone display in India. Just as you have - ZAKER, personalized recomme

It's time to expose your age again every morning. What's the TA in my memory, what's it like now, what's doing it? Long time no see. Are you all right? You have seen the "star dream" before it, known as the "red apple" sequel, orange king didn't know how

In the afternoon of November 28th, one plus 5T was published in the 798 Art District of Beijing. As the flagship of the year, one plus 5T is still the top match of the Android camp. It carries the high pass Valon 835 processor, equipped with 8GB memory +1

In November 28th, 360 officially launched a new double flagship 360 cell phone N6 PRO, selling for $1699. In terms of configuration, 360 mobile N6 PRO is equipped with Qualcomm Xiaolong 660 processor and LPDDR4X memory chip, ZAKER, personalized recommenda

[/] Linxi observer network broadcasts in 26 days "challenge the impossible" program, special skills of a female SWAT team members from the Falcon commando show, let Sa Beining surprised his hands to mouth. Guo Zirui, 22 years old, came from the falcons, t

[/] Linxi observer network broadcasts in 26 days "challenge the impossible" program, special skills of a female SWAT team members from the Falcon commando show, let Sa Beining surprised his hands to mouth. Guo Zirui, 22, is from the Falcon commando, women

It's time to expose the age of the early morning every day! What are the memories of TA, what are they doing now? What are they doing? Long time no see. How are you? When she was in junior high school, Rao Xueman's youth pain series was a must read novel

Watch knowledge acquisition is the purpose of the study, the famous economist Zhang Wuchang said, people is not learning, the book is not read. In the following, Professor Zhang Wuchang wrote the reading method and thinking mode for young people in his bl

For Android mobile phone, long time operation will inevitably appear problem application Caton, flash back at this time, our first reaction is often run to restart the operation of mobile phone. The practice has proved that the solution is to restart the

Memory prices since the beginning of last year, has been Cengceng rub to rise, to the Kingston 8GB memory as an example, the price of 200 compared to 300 yuan last year, has now risen to 800 yuan, which rose 3 times, memory prices soaring, bring ZAKER to

Hi, when everyone is concerned about iPhoneX, I decisively upgraded from 6 to the black cargo 8p 256G, I believe a lot of tail will shout to change 8p, add 1000 pieces directly to the X ah!! In fact, I only spent 6 - ZAKER, personalized recommendation hot

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