What is the spirit of the craftsman? During more than 40 years, the average lawn was repaired 6 times a week, with a cumulative time of 60 thousand hours. The British 74 - year-old retired worker, StuartGrindle, has made the lawn so beautiful that it was

The 14 year old Pakistan girl SAMA was father Wazil betrothed to the village 37 year old deaf Feisal, in exchange, the father married Feisal's sister as his second wife. Click the picture into the next page of the subtitle and change it to the right thing

When I went to the canteen to buy cigarettes, I saw the boss taking a cutting knife and cutting something. When I saw it, he looked at it carefully, but it was a five dollar bill. He hurriedly stopped his practice and asked him the reason. The boss said t

Diving in the deep sea is a very challenging sport, because it can not only hone people's will, but also can see some valuable and meaningful things and marine life in the deep sea. Click the picture into the next page subtitle

Antiskid tires are sure everyone knows? That is to say, in winter, when the road is frozen, it will be installed on the vehicle to avoid sliding to wrestling. The anti-skid tire will use the depth of its surface pattern and increase the ability of land gr

Now the most popular one is the imitation makeup star, the so-called star makeup, but generally it is women's makeup star makeup, and the male makeup star is still wearing less makeup. Click the picture into the next page subtitle on a network man because

Recently, there are a group of anglers in the UK. They use new technology to replace fishing bait with magnets, and catch many precious things in rivers, wells and other places. The magnets they use are very strong, and they can even lift four hundred or

It's just a scalp! Think about what if you see a spider in a house? I think most people will shake it in their hearts. Few people can go straight to them. Of course, some are exceptions. But what would you do if you saw a pile of spiders

Fishing in the wild is a favorite hobby of many people who like fishing. Especially when fishing with corn seeds on hooks, they can catch unexpected big fish. After seeing the overseas fisherman's harvest, many fishermen began to sit still. Click the pict

When a person is persistent in one thing, it is the most likely to create a miracle. Click on the picture to enter the next page. The famous man in England is crazy about historical buildings. In order to satisfy his enthusiasm for historical buildings, h

When the incident happened, the man named Barreto was asked to marry his girlfriend over the California Pacific by balloons. Unexpectedly, in the twilight, the ballooning of the balloon asked for an accident. Click the picture into the next page subtitle

A car owner abroad has recently met a very strange thing. The day before last night he stopped his car and went home. When he went to drive the car for second days, he found something that broke him. Click the picture into the next page of the subtitle of

Speaking of ants, you must be familiar with many idioms. They have talked about the deeds of ants. But you must have never heard of such a fact: ants can be used to stitch wounds. Click the picture into the next page subtitle in the backward African primo

The owner of this van is called Rob Skinner. He is from England. He is 31 years old. He is an outdoor sports coach. He can't afford to buy a house because of his tight finances. He feels too expensive to rent a house. So he brought in a retired ambulance,

Besides fishing bait and bait, some fishermen like to use the worms, worms, fish and shrimps to bait as fishing bait, because these things are what many fish like to eat, and the probability of catching fish after launching is quite large. click

When a man was exploring in the field, he was suddenly found to be stared by a huge and ferocious lion. The man was in a panic, but the exploration was going to continue. For a few days, this male lion has been around and is still playing with a cheetah.

In a field in Tennessee, a middle-aged man in the field is fishing with a young man in a field stream. The stream is not like the usual stream, but the water is not very abundant, but it is very dry. he

The python was captured by several men who were hunted in the wild. I saw the giant snake had ten meters long, need several men to lift it up. Click the picture into the next page subtitle because the snake has a larger body.

After a heavy snow, there was a thick layer of ice on the lake. In South Korea, a man opened a hole on the lake and caught many fish in it. Then many people heard about it, and they all came rushing to the scene. Click the picture into the next page

For most people, garages are just parking places, but a recycling artist living in Australia puts a 8 foot (2.4 meters) robot in his garage, which he uses to recycle old zero

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