1 Beijing king is the first half net profit increased by 619% year-on-year, the proposed acquisition of Beijing Haowei; 2 Taiwan IC design of Shanghai angbao profit ranked first; 3 through rich micro power

1 ZTE microelectronics in Xi'an hi tech investment 1 billion thousand jobs; 2.Amkor, Shanghai semiconductor business grab MEMS packaging line

Microelectronics is a nuclear high base, integrated circuits, mobile communications, Beidou navigation and other important commitment to national science and technology program, is a significant special integrated circuit equipment and technology, the lea

According to Michael Williams consulting reports, Ying Feiling announced in Dresden) sensor pilot line was officially launched, this is line one of Europe's most important test. Infineon IoSense added plans designed to meet the massive demand for sensor n

(article source: Pacific computer network) long by the above two dimensional code 3 seconds to click on the "recognition map of the two-dimensional code"

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