Foreword "Monster Hunter Border" (hereinafter referred to as "MHF") is an online game developed based on 2006 "Monster Hunter 2dos". It was released from July 2007 to December 2019 and will be out of service for a long time. 12 years including

Today, Steam unveiled its game sales chart for the previous week (December 23 to December 29) as scheduled. The R star masterpiece "Red Dead Redemption: Redemption 2" successfully topped the list. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is back on the list again, ranking second in the list. S

[17173 News report, please indicate the source for reprint] Today, the Little Prince's "Monster Hunter: World" official releases new news, announcing the PS4 version of "Horizon: Zero Dawn, Ice, Dust and Snow", the third bomb joint task fire belt plan Officially launched, players will participate in hunting

In June of this year, Capcom announced that its 12-year-old Monster Hunter: Border Z will shut down its servers on December 18. Yesterday, the official conducted an 8-hour live broadcast. During the live broadcast, the production team took photos with other players and reviewed the

Thanks to the advancement of technology, many characters who were familiar in the past can reappear in front of us with a more realistic image. The fineness of their faces, hair, and other parts often surprises us, and we ca n’t even recognize these old friends. . At the 25th anniversary of Playstation, Sony is today

"Dredgers" is a game with rich characters and professions. Thumb people is one of the optional characters. By matching different professions, you can combine a variety of gameplay. "Dredgers" thumb-and-arrow streamer gameplay introduction, interested friends come and take a look. "

On December 16th, the game maker of "Monster Hunter XX" Shintaro Kotaru announced on his personal Twitter that he was officially leaving from Capcom. In the tweet, Shintaro Koito praised Capcom as an excellent company and expressed his self-interest in the company.

Nintendo Japan held its latest Indie World event this morning, announcing more new indie games that will land on Switch. The following is a summary of the main content of this exhibition. Sports Story (2020)

Capcom announced the 12.01 update of Monster Hunter World: Icefield Century on December 5th this afternoon. The update will be pushed at 8am on December 5th. The PS4 patch size is about 2.1 GB. new

Hello everyone, this is Zheng Jing game, I am Zheng Jing boy. Not long ago, Capcom officially held "Monster Hunter Festival 19-20: King of the Hunt" in Tokyo, Japan. This event is held every year by Capcom, and teams that have won the "Monster Hunter" racing championship in various local divisions will gather

In today's "Monster Hunter" Sail Championship, Capcom announced that the second update of "The Monster Hunter World: Ice Age" will be launched on December 5th. The subspecies of the Thunder Wolf, "Prison Wolf" will be Debut in this update, there is also an unpublished name in the video.

At today's "Monster Hunter" event, Capcom announced a new set of in-game emoticons, the specific online date has not been announced. The main characters of the map are the Golden Lion and the Hot Spring Silver Monkey. The golden lion with a crazy thumbs up looks very happy, while the hot spring silver monkey is as cute as ever.

Hello everyone, here is the game of surprise, I am scared younger brother! Not long ago, the Radio and Television Bureau announced a new batch of game version numbers. This time, the list of trials is no longer only a domestically produced mobile game. The monster hunters: the world and the new super Mario brothers U have appeared. ! In the summer of 2018, "blame

After the release of the second quarter earnings report for the new fiscal year, Capcom recently updated its game sales rankings listed on the official website. The rankings show that sales of several new games in recent years have maintained steady growth, such as "Monster Hunter World" cumulative sales reached 14.1 million copies, "Biochemical

Which game is strong? Japanese manufacturer Kapukong. Previously, Capcom officially announced that "Monster Hunter: World" Icefield will be linked with "Resident Evil 2: Remastered Edition". Today, Capcom officially announced that the joint task will be officially opened on November 8th. Let's take a look. your

Capcom announced on the official website tonight the details of the 11.50 update patch for "Monster Hunter World: Ice Age", which will be pushed on November 7th. The update time is 8:00 am on the 7th. Don't forget the hunters to update on time, update The required space is about 4

[17173 News report, please indicate the source] This week, Steam announced the game sales rankings last week (October 21 to October 27). In this issue, many old games are exerted, and the "Jesus Survival" is launched in the fifth season, and its "survival pass"

According to the "Monster Hunter World: Icefield" game activity page display, "Monster Hunter World: Icefield" x "Resident Evil 2 Remastered Edition" linkage content will be launched on November 8, when players will be able to undertake the special task of Master 5. Named "RE: Biohazard returns to the big

According to information released by the State Administration of Press and Publication, PS4 "Monster Hunter World" and NS "New Super Mario Brothers U" have passed the import game review and obtained the game version number required for domestic release. ——

The Steam sales list for the new week (10.21~10.27) was released. The fifth season survival pass for this week's Jedi Survival is now available. The pass and the main body won the first and second sales charts respectively. "Monster Hunter World: Ice Age" is also currently in Steam Ping

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