The 54 Taiwan Film Golden Horse Awards finally ended. Let's say it first - congratulations on Kara Hui. To tell the truth, Kara Hui can get the film, should be no surprise. But even so, Xiao Bian is still a pity for this one. In fact, before the answer ha

Director Wu Jing's "wolf 2" is really a fire, summer has finally launched a full Chinese people love to see the movie, the movie online 4 hours breaking 1 hundred million at the box office, will be released in the same period of the N rolling injured all

This cold research movie is to bring a more popular movie is directed by South Korea to South Korea, CJ Entertainment Corporation and Beijing film studio, united in a war film produced in 2001 - "warrior". The film tells us one story about ZAKER, personal

Children before and after school is lively and active age, seems to be full of vitality every day, even sleep also need to tell bedtime story or accompany to coax to sleep, so many mothers and fathers feel worried and helpless. What inspiration can let th

Little chili Gwyeth Patru finally … … and … … engaged … &hellip. This time, the other side is long distance race more than 3 years of men's ticket, talented overflowing screenwriter and ZAKER, personalized recommend hot

According to Taiwan media reports, Ella recently ended more than 3 months, "masked singing will Chaichaichai second seasons" recording, busy life, and finally can return to her mother's identity, she talked about the mother in the magazine interview, was

According to the Daily Mail reported on November 17th, the 34 year old Brazil man Rodrigo Alves is known for cosmetic surgery. So far, he spent a total of more than 450 thousand pounds (about 3 million 950 thousand yuan) plastic surgery. Recently, he came

Ma Yun starred in "Gong Shou Dao" in Youku just a few days online, the amount of hits has exceeded 150 million. However, the film is only a part of Ma Yun's promotion of Chinese martial arts. In November 15th, the first competition of "Gong Shou Tao" offi

The movie "cold" research is for everyone to bring on the recommendation of the first phase of the Japanese Asmik Ace production, Dongbao film produced by the Japanese war films - "puppet city". Although the film is adapted from the novel of the same name

The movie "cold" research is for everyone to bring on the recommendation of the first phase of the Japanese Asmik Ace production, Dongbao film produced by the Japanese war films - "puppet city". Although the film is adapted from the novel of the same name

At the same time, many people want to know whether Blizzard will consider "watching pioneer" film and television. For this problem, Blizzard consumer product manager Tim Kilpin made a clear comment on the recent interview with MCV, the British game indust

Recently, Nanjing Qinhuai police rapid disposal occurred in the cinema in the intentional wounding case, the suspect with his girlfriend to go to the movies, because the front is too big to sleep snoring from the dispute, a word not to come up with a frui

NetEase Alan Peggy entertainment reported in November 11th "Juno" "hard candy" "Inception" actress Alan Peggy published a long article, sexual harassment of women, their years of experience on acting widely suffer inequality. As a homosexual, she said tha

Thank you for reading the new cold research program - "cold movie" research, the analysis for everyone is released in 2003, by Edward • Zwick directed the film, "the last samurai". Although the film has real historical events as a reference, but in f

8, Guangming Daily published the Beijing Film Academy college freshman Wang Junkai's article "learn to live, learn from the people", the full text is as follows: General Secretary Xi Jinping at the nineteen Party Congress report pointed out that no high c

Full screen at this year's mobile phone market is one of the most important words, in addition to earlier comprehensive promotion screen millet, up to iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8 these high-end flagship machine, one hundred yuan to 1000 yuan, began to ado

The special art / micro signal: efifan Biyi to things, hidden power and name. The new generation of martial arts goddess Ma played the film! No kidding. You're right. That's Jack Ma who claims to be a spokesman for rural teachers and has no interest in mo

"Then my brother loves me too much how to do", the orange king once addicted pig girl love story, but their performance show diffuse change is getting worse, and there are few orthopedic CP and Su Liao, and a story of heart embarrassment. Recently, orange

21 Jun: many people think that saving money and saving are equal, but in fact it is not. The right way to save money can be without sacrificing experience and other important costs. In fact, for many people, without restraint to save money, save money and

The so-called good luck, just know how to stop. A timely stop is wisdom, and their reconciliation, and Reconciliation Method in the world. Hugh: a 2014 collective Carnival Chinese investors. My colleagues, spent 6 years savings of about 1000000, plus 4 ti

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