Recently, the people's Bank issued the "notice on the issuance of the" people's Bank of Chinese (silver 2017, No. 296) issued "supporting barcode payment safety technical specifications (Trial)" and "barcode payment acceptance terminal specification (Tria

In fact, with the stock market play in general, is nothing, but by any Zeping join Hengda, the relationship between the two link, we first look at a table, the table among the highest income, Hengda has now left, then from him until after Ren Ze Ping, we

China Times (public No.: ChinaTimes) reporter Zhu Dandan Beijing reported debt punishment results out of cosun. In December 8th, China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) said the case was investigated and dealt with by the Huizhou branch of the Guangzho

When I wrote down this title, my heart was perturbed. I know, some people will say I'm washing to cash loan, after all, now give cash loan seems to be a kind of political correctness. Not long ago I wrote a "cash loan is not a devil, no matter how much yo

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