Beijing time On November 17, according to US media reports, former North Carolina State University player, NBA player Anthony Grundy, who played for the Atlanta Hawks, had previously died in Louisville, Kentucky. At the time of death, only

This season, the Knicks are still the same as the eternal rotten team, which has led to many rumors of the head coach's class, followed by various condemnations that team president Mills should also be held accountable. According to New York media, the Knicks are already searching for new executives and have a list of names. Reporting this news is

Morant Beijing time on November 16th, the Grizzlies played against the Jazz. In the first half of the game, the second-placed Merant used a trick on the street to make a layup on the back of the game: but unfortunately the master Crawford is still not able to find a new owner, otherwise the ball two People can discuss it well:

Recently, according to European basketball reporter Emiliano Carchia, former NBA player Jarrell Martin has signed a contract with the Shenzhen Men's Basketball Team. Prior to this, the Shenzhen team had already replaced a foreign aid. Jarrell Martin was born in 1994 5

Beijing time on November 15th, Lone Ranger 103-106 lost to the Knicks, Luca - East Cecchi scored 33 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists. This is the first time in the first two seasons of his NBA career, East Cecchi has won a triple-double with a score of 30+.

Recently, David Stern, who served as president for 30 years in the NBA, spoke about the relationship between the NBA and China in an interview. He said he believes things will move in the right direction. I think that as time goes by, things will ease, and the parties will remain calm and relatively quiet.

[Text / Observer Network Xu Weiang] The wave of talks about Hong Kong has not yet subsided, and there are NBA (American Professional Basketball League) players in high-profile politics. This time, the protagonist, Turkish player Enes Kanter, entered the hall and was invited by two Democratic legislators.

Since the Twitter event in early October, Morey has become a sensitive topic in the NBA. Recently, ESPN insider reporters also revealed his behavior and attitude in the storm. During the rocket trip to Japan, it was the worst time for the event to ferment. At that time, Morey did not come out in a week.

Beijing time on November 11, according to the "Washington Post" report, NBA Players Union Chairman Michelle Roberts said in an interview that the players union should help players better understand international issues, thus avoiding the Morey incident. The Morey event shook the entire NBA,

Barkley spoke to melons in Beijing time on November 10th, according to "clutchpoints" report, a few days ago, NBA famous Charles Barkley talked about Carmelo - Anthony, Barkley said that he did not understand why Anthony is now in the NBA

According to the authoritative wealth media Forbes, the rookie Bamura from Japan has shown considerable business prospects. So far, the 21-year-old Yamura has signed a 7-point endorsement contract, and he is expected to sign three to four endorsement contracts before the All-Star Weekend next year. For a NB

As a traditional NCAA school, North Carolina has cultivated many outstanding players, including Jordan and Carter. So any record that can break the history of the North Carolina team is a very remarkable achievement. In the NCAA opener of the new season, there is a player to do

Since being completely cut off by the Bulls in February this year, Cameron-Anthony's market value has fallen to the bottom, and no team is willing to give him a contract. He has not played any NBA games for a year. Anthony is now 35 years old, even if the peak has passed, but he never

232 votes to 196 votes, this is the result of the US House of Representatives' vote on the impeachment presidential investigation procedure on November 1, 2019. The passage of this resolution means that the new program of impeaching Trump has entered a new phase. In September this year, an anonymous whistle-speaker

June 14, 2019, the sixth game of the finals. The Warriors lost 110-114 to the Raptors and three consecutive dreams. A few days ago they experienced a tearing injury from Durant's Achilles tendon; on this day, Clay Thompson also failed to complete the game, and was injured in the left knee injury in the third quarter.

Morey is a mine that ruined the NBA's 30-year position in China. Today's NBA is no longer the mainstream, and as such, he can only be associated with the NFL and NHL that have not been in China. Get into trouble on social media from October 5th, to 11

Morey is a mine that ruined the NBA's 30-year position in China. Today's NBA is no longer the mainstream, and as such, he can only be associated with the NFL and NHL that have not been in China. Get into trouble on social media from October 5th, to 11

Come to the heads-up! On November 5th, Beijing time, according to US media reports, Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler revealed in the show that he was convinced that Lance Stephenson would play in the NBA after playing in the NBA. Stephenson’s dissatisfaction.

Barkley Beijing time on November 5th, according to "USA Today" reported that Charles Barkley is a NBA famous, after leaving the stadium, he became one of the most famous commentators. But Barkley doesn't necessarily understand the NBA very well, at least some NBAs often

Before the start of the season, the NBA suffered a major loss in the Chinese market that even Xiao Hua must admit because of the Morey incident. Recently, the famous gambling referee Tim Donaci, who had already been expelled from the league, stepped on the NBA in time. Donaci because

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