[observer network comprehensive report] the US defense news weekly website reported on December 28th. The Pakistan Navy spokesman first confirmed publicly to the media. It signed the purchase of 1 054A frigates with China in June this year, and plans to a

Observer network / [Lina] December 22nd, 2017 electronic sports Korea match held in Jiangsu, Changzhou, in the DOTA2 project, on behalf of Chinese EHOME played 3 more than 0 blood abuse a trend which cannot be halted, South Korean team TeamPangoli ZAKER,

[observer net comprehensive report] local time 21, Chonburi, Thailand, Golden Triangle fruit orchard, an elephant camp attacked by a tourist event. A tourist guide in China was killed and 2 Chinese tourists were injured. According to Thailand, "Bangkok po

[the observer network] according to Taiwan media reported in December 22nd, according to the Taiwan Pro independence protests Japan dictionary "wide garden" will be a speech in Taiwan Province in the Chinese issue, "the publisher Iwanami shoten wide speec

Observer network [Xiao Sheng Shi / Liu Chuchu / video compilation] according to Japanese media reported on December 20th, the Ministry of foreign affairs regular press Chinese meeting on December 19th, Hua Chunying in Japan's answer to the reporter's ques

[/ observer network high Xueying] today (19 days), micro-blog users @ I have a small donkey. I never ride broke the news, recently, she in the U.S. cosmetics brand Estee Lauder official website to buy my mother a gift, in the hope that the card on love yo

Last month, 18 railway bureaus all over the country completed the renaming of the Group Limited company. Today, the observer network found that the company not only changed the scope of the business, but also added real estate development and other busine

[/] observer network in Wen Kai recently, on the north and south to winter heat topic constantly. Facing the heating in the north, the southern partners have said that we live on the air for the winter. Recently, a netizen sent a picture of a man in Shang

[/] Xueying observer network high yesterday (17) evening broadcast "Tucao conference", haven't met in a long time Louis Liu came to power again Liao said sleeves: many people say that Louis Liu Qing Dong is not without magic, and today I want to prove tha

[/ observer network] Qianang Xu 16, Hongkong Institute of Vocational Education (hereinafter referred to as HKCT) held a graduation ceremony, two graduates refuse stood in the national anthem, was driven out of the scene. In the subsequent dialogue between

[observer network comprehensive report] according to China News Network reported on December 17th, 16, when Chongqing high speed law enforcement officers patrol, found two elderly people walking on the freeway emergency lane, the situation is very dangero

[observer network Wen / Li Na] in December 17th, the third phase of the national treasure introduced a forbidden national treasure. The wine companies of the sponsorship program cried quickly. They all said that the gold king was a dad. How could they not

[/] the observer network high Xueying Taiwan girls cry, people watch video. Micro-blog users @ pursuit of peace and unity Cheng Aiwei from Taiwan, recently, Facebook was the title she posted a video on micro-blog, and Taiwan compatriots to share, the prim

Recently, a news caused widespread concern: historical figures Weiqing, Huo Qubing was a junior high school history textbook. PEP 15 days to respond, the original version of the history textbook in junior high school, the history of the new unified arrang

[/] Xueying observer network high recently, international SOS released a "2018 World travel risk map", China is listed as "tourists low risk countries. China Daily released 14 video reports that foreigners in China have indicated that compared with their

[/ observer network Tong Li video / observer can be timed Chengdu] recently, Australian Prime Minister Turnbull with a Chinese — — "the Australian people stand up in the limelight on the network"". After a series of "Anti China farce", was ZAK

[reports] who observe network Indians and a recently busy globe rivalry. Recently, sales in the American supermarket chain, Costco in a globe, because above Kashmir and other parts of India are marked in different colors, by the India overseas Americans t

[/ observer network] Xu Zhe, to enter the cruise market, more and more world class cruise will transform into the thick Chinese hull internal wind, also provide rich Chinese food to seize the heart of mainland tourists. However, some of the superficial ef

[/] Qianang observer network Xu local time the evening of December 12th, in the state of Alabama senator in a special election, Democrat Jones (Doug Jones) narrowly defeated the recent exposure of the high rate of Roy Moore (Roy Moore), a ZAKER, a persona

[text / observer network Xu Lei] in 2017, the balance was insufficient, and it was time for the annual selection of the annual Chinese characters. … … after last year's change, Singapore awarded the annual Chinese character -- fear to sum up

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