Overseas network December 25, according to The Associated Press news, the Russian Central Election Commission officially banned the Russian reactionary leaders to participate in the Russian presidential election. According to earlier reports, the oppositi

Russian President Putin recently took part in the night ice hockey friendly in Red Square, according to the Russian satellite news network. The report says the Moscow Kremlin website has announced the news. Putin came out of the 11 red shirt, he hit the b

The December movement center overlooking the overseas network after the fire of 24, 21, a fire in South Korea Chungbuk Jecheon City Sports Center, resulting in 29 dead and 29 wounded, more than 20 women have died in the 2 floor of the building in the saun

Akita coast (source: Japan NNN television) overseas network on 15 December, the Japanese city of Akita coast last week found a wooden shipbuilding ship. On the 18 day, when the wooden ship was dismantled, the workers found the 2 bodies half covered in the

NHK TV station screenshot overseas network December 19 (Xinhua) recently, many coastal areas in Japan have been visited by ghost boats, and there are unidentified bodies drifting. This makes the sea police big headache, and it also causes the local reside

Overseas network December 18 (Xinhua) in the 18 day of the Foreign Ministry of the regular press conference, the spokesman Hua Chunying recently responded to the hot spot. The contents are as follows: Q: it is reported that the ship tracking software show

You Huizhen Liang Songheng, the impact of the Legislative Council (source: the case of Ta Kung Pao) overseas network on 19 December, Hongkong youth group before lawmakers tour Huizhen and disgrace beam Songheng, suspected by the end of 2016 the impact of

The British Royal Navy queen Elizabeth overseas network on 19 December, 18 local time, the British Royal Navy aircraft carrier queen Elizabeth, the occurrence of major accidents, caused by seawater intrusion, was forced to return to the wrath of the Briti

The PLA military aircraft flew around the platform. Overseas network on 18 December, the PLA aircraft 17 around Taiwan, 18 early in the morning again from the Bashi Channel through the waters east of Taiwan, the Japanese Miyako Island channel after return

Soldiers in India (map) overseas network on 18 December, the end of nearly 3 and a half months in between the two countries after the confrontation between the long hole, 16 local time, India's military situation in the hole area Lang sound, said any Indi

(photo source: Hong Kong people's website) overseas network December 18 Electric. Recently, in the graduation ceremony of Hongkong professional training school, there were graduates who didn't respect the national anthem and were immediately rushed out. T

The picture shows the 6 year old daughter was murdered in place (source: "India times") overseas network on 15 December, 13 evening local time, India East Delhi, a 6 year old half India girl mother caught having an affair, and by her mother and her lover

Prince Harry and his girlfriend take photos together to announce the engagement of the wedding ring, the overseas network. On December, 15, according to Kensington Palace, the prince of England and his American girlfriend will have a wedding in May 19, 20

The shock of the whole circle of Australian Chinese female foreign Chinese Meng Mei was the cold white uncle murder case, 15 local time in Australia NSW higher court verdict. Barrett, an Australian man, was sentenced to 46 years in prison and no parole fo

Overseas network December 14, 14 afternoon, Cui Shun Shi first trial session, prosecutors invited the court to sentence him to 25 years' imprisonment and impose a fine of about 700 million yuan. As Cui Shunshi later heard extreme emotional excitement, law

In December 14, the network data DV 13, all over Japan and constantly found unidentified boats and bodies. The Japanese maritime security department issued a message that as of the morning of 13, 83 drifting events were confirmed in 2017, creating a new h

Women show high upside down unarmed Airport (source: Thailand's "world news") overseas network 12, 14, a suspected foreign woman from Europe in Thailand on 13 Suvarnabhumi International Airport Lounges show high upside down unarmed stunt, disturb the airp

The picture is Swati and her husband Reddy (photo source: India media) overseas network on 13 December, southern India jindel Jianabang a woman was derailed by her husband, her husband and lover conspiracy to murder. In order to avoid the criminal conspir

Today (13) is the 80th anniversary anniversary of the Nanjing massacre, the commander in chief of the headquarters of the whole people, Lu Zhaocai, on the afternoon of 13, will protest against Cai Yingwen's enmity. (photo source: Hongkong Zhong Commentary

The picture is Swati and her husband Reddy (photo source: India media) overseas network on 13 December, southern India jindel Jianabang a woman was derailed by her husband, her husband and lover conspiracy to murder. In order to avoid the criminal conspir

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