Source: CNN Overseas Network, January 5th. At the evening of the 4th local time, the homepage of the official website of the US Government's Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) was hacked. According to a senior US government official, this was a breach. Homeland Security The ministry is conducting the invasion

Comprehensive Reuters, Russia Today website and other foreign media reported that the Iraqi militia armed people's mobilization organization (PMF) issued a statement on the 4th, denying that its medical guards had been attacked in the Taj area of ​​northern Iraq earlier in the day. ▲ Reuters report screenshot Reuters reported that the United States-led, dozen

During the New Year's Day holiday, there were black mobs everywhere in Hong Kong. Hong Kong police decisive action eventually arrested 420 people, the youngest of whom was only 12 years old. It is reported that the mother of one of the arrested people broke his heart after learning that his son had been arrested, and struggled to sleep at night at 11:50

Overseas Network, December 31. Recently, a strange case occurred in Tokyo, Japan: a 54-year-old man placed the body of his mother in his home and spent two full years together. Recently, he confessed to the police due to his unbearable mental burden. According to Japan TBS TV Network

Swedish environmental girl Greta Tumberg and her father Swant Tumberg (GETTY) overseas website December 30. The 16-year-old Swedish girl Greta Tumberg This year it attracted much attention and became

The 45-year-old turtle overturned the bed light and caused a fire. He was unhappy after being rescued by the fire. (Source: Fox News) Overseas. December 28. Recently, a 45-year-old angry-faced tortoise in the UK overturned a family's lamp at home, which subsequently caused a fire.

The picture shows Emily and her father. (Photo source: "Mirror") Overseas Network, December 28. A couple of American father and daughter encountered an episode while ordering at McDonald's a few days ago: On a ticket issued by the store, the message text made both father and daughter dumb Speechless. According to the British Mirror, the 18-year-old

Overseas Network, December 28th, request Huang Si The shop owner removed masks and banned prostitutes, Hong Kong shopping malls have just started! According to the Hong Kong News Agency, violence in Hong Kong has been for more than half a year. The violent activities launched by black thugs have severely affected all walks of life in Hong Kong.

In August this year, a street shootout broke out in Tainan, Taiwan. Both sides fiercely clashed over the dispute over gambling debts. One of them was shot in the heart, crawled dozens of meters and fell to the ground. Four months after the incident, the street shooting scene was exposed, and the plot was like a gangster movie. The witnesses fled, even the dogs on the side.

Lotte Market Homepage (Screenshot) Overseas Website December 20th Japanese large-scale shopping website Lotte Market informed all online shop merchants on the 19th that the site will launch a free shipping service, and the freight will be borne by the merchants. This move caused strong dissatisfaction among some businesses and was also orthogonal to the Japanese Cabinet Office.

Serial killer Song Ji (picture source: "Daily Mail") Overseas Network December 17th A few days ago, the Thai police were hunting down a serial killer nicknamed Jack the Ripper. Recently he brutally killed a woman. And just a few months ago, he was just released for doing well in prison

Duterte (Daily Inquirer) Overseas Website December 17th. Solita Monsod, a professor at the University of the Philippines and a columnist for Daily Inquirer, published a question What does the latest poverty data tell us? Column

Ivanka talks with soldiers at the U.S. military base in Qatar (Twitter) Overseas Network December 17th According to US media reports, recently, Ivanka, the daughter of U.S. President Trump and a senior White House adviser, visited Udayd in Qatar United States Air Force Base. Ivanka wears a camel coat with a female soldier in front of the fighter

Three defendants ( In 2016, a cement corpse was shocked in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong. On December 13, this year, the jury of the High Court of Hong Kong reached a ruling, unanimously convicted the first defendant Zeng Xiangxin for murder, and the other two defendants convicted of murder.

U.S. Battlefield Reporter: I remind Hong Kong thugs to be used by the United States, but they are regarded as lunatics. Overseas Network December 13th. Hong Kong ’s storm of regulations has continued for more than half a year since June 9th. Hi, busy beautifying violent demonstrations

21-year-old Rachel and 6-year-old daughter attend college graduation ceremony (Facebook) Overseas Network December 12th British woman Rachel accidentally became pregnant at 14 and was forced to leave school. The following year, she gave birth to her daughter and has continued to study through educational institutions while working. Recently, 21

(Source: Xinhua News Agency) Overseas Network, December 11th. Last week, two reporters from Hong Kong's Huang Media Gordon were shot by French police during a French strike. However, one of the shot reporters recently claimed that the French police were better than the Hong Kong police.

On the Liandeng discussion forum on the Internet, chaotic members of the congregation have posted on the Lian Dengzai post saying that they have been unemployed for several months and have only a few hundred yuan in their bank account. He also said that he was no longer picky about the type of work, but did not even have the opportunity to do hard work, and consulted his colleagues online.

Megan (left) and Jennifer Meyer (right) Overseas. December 10th. Recently, a friend of the British Princess Meghan got into trouble because of alleged use of Meghan's photos to promote her jewelry products. The royal family was asked to delete the relevant photos. According to the British "Daily Mail" 10th

This year's Miss Todai Ueda (FRIDAY) overseas website December 10th. Recently, Ueda Caiying, a freshman student at the University of Tokyo, the highest institution in Japan, was elected Miss Todai this year. Not only is she very cute, but she is also very clever.

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