July 29th, the Hohhot city center near the intersection of the new road

Even by day to heavy rains in late July 14th, about 10:50, the 209 National Highway in Hubei Prefecture of Enshi province Xuanen County seven bridge road landslide, road pavement collapsed, causing traffic disruption. After the accident, the local traffic

June 2nd at 1:50 in the afternoon, a car carrying Chinese cabbage number for the GaN A47196 red truck from Shiwan sea to Lanzhou, escaping from the front of the vehicle, the driver to take emergency brake, suddenly lost control of the vehicle rollover occ

(Zhaoqing) since April 13, Beijing Municipal Bureau of public security organization to carry out a period of 3 months of traffic order environment rectification action, around the "brand, violated two, arbitrary violations, to carry out traffic order envi

April 16th 17, Changan unmanned vehicles arrived in Beijing. In the total trip of nearly 2000 km long distance real road test, Changan driverless cars withstand long curved bridge tunnel terrain, hilly areas and plain areas of various complex road test, t

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