Chengdu business daily November 24th news, in March this year, a section called Chengdu 4P pornographic video spread on the internet. The police soon found, the pornographic videos and it is about 2 minutes, there were 2 men and 2 women in the picture, th

Efforts to do the most popular football in China, WeChat public number penalty for many players is a lifetime of nightmares, especially the England players. Data show that they are in

Manchester penalty win 6-5 doc, Aguero broke, Puri Sich buzzer to tie the 19:30 last night, an international championship game in Shenzhen Universiade Sports Center

In July 13th 19:30, in the FA Cup 1/4 finals (fifth round) first round contest, Guangzhou Hengda sits against Beijing Guoan home court. Opening only 9 points

Mesut Ozil stood up and play God! Insurance pot back last met in Germany 4 years ago in Warsaw, Mesut Ozil scored the penalty to come back.

European Cup 4 has been all over, we see not only the outcome of the game, there are many exciting and interesting things...

This morning the European Championship 1/4 finals ushered in a climax, Germany and Italy in Bordeaux to start the duel. Both sides of the first half of the fight is very intense, but did not hold

Beijing time on July 1st morning, the European Cup 1/4 finals opener. Poland and Portugal in the 120 minutes of the civil war into 1-1, the first round of the penalty kick C ROM and Lavon

In some time ago, the official version of the latest Windows101511 cumulative update, Cortana assistant led to the slow operation of the problem. tiny

Everyone thinks that penalty is the easiest way to score, but standing in front of the penalty points it is another matter, otherwise how could so many star crashed out of the spot before it? therefore

In May 18th, AFC Champions League first playoff, Shandong Luneng home court and Sydney FC draw 1-1. Montillo missed the penalty is a pity. After the game,

2011 the 43rd Copa America in Argentina at home, sitting on a day when Austria, leading figure in Lionel Messi is also more mature, fans look forward to this year's Copa America in Argentina to penetration

Each a good golfer has its own unique way of swing, though they have their way of swing, but when handling the ball, two they are the same.

Love bursting! C Luo kneeling with his son to practice penalties, Luo dad kicked out like mini leaf ball

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