"Real Three Kingdoms 8" is about to be sold on February 8, 2018. The latest issue of the magazine reveals the Bao Yu system and information on the collection of elements. "Fami Tong" magazine, "real Three Kingdoms 8" content preview, the player can get th

Today (November 28th), MY electronic sports club official micro-blog published a long article, announced a "pioneer" watch so many domestic game player regret decision: the club decided to temporarily abandon the "watch" pioneer project, the transformatio

Activision officially announced today that it will launch the free demo version of Destiny 2 on PS4, Xbox One and PC platform in November 28th, and players can access some PvE and PvP content. Specifically, the game can play the top two stars of the story

Bungie recently announced that they have adjusted their experience values in Fortune 2, but don't worry, this adjustment is good for the players. Bungie's modification of the experience is actually a feedback from the player. In destiny 2, the player rank

The National Games of the rocket alliance will be launched in December, and the Tencent has started international clothing players to return to the special event. The event will continue from 10:00 November 23rd to December 6th 24:00 - ZAKER, personalized

SIEH today announced that "GT Sport" from the time the car sold since the global game player accumulated more than 26 million hours, at the same time, the official also announced the November 1.06 update will launch a new content, including new vehicles a

I don't know if there are any players, remember, in 2014, PSX's "blood curse" demo, there had been a holy grail dungeon of the undead giant. Its blade burns with fire, and it fires the fuel around it. However, after the game is officially released, althou

Hello, here is a serious gaming, I am serious brother. Shortly after the end of the "Jedi" survival: Battle Royale Asia tournament, China team iFty gains the championship runner up, 4AM harvest Wei led by god! This let many people see the China "Jedi Batt

"Color jet 2" has been on sale for four months, and the squid Research Institute released a video last night, introducing major updates that will arrive at 9 a.m. on November 24th (Beijing time), including new maps, patterns, clothing, weapons, and so on.

THQ Nordic yesterday officially launched "Titan Quest" the new piece of information Ragnar o k, this time from the "Titans Tour" game has been 11 years. Maybe some players are not familiar with the Titan tour, which is an action role-playing game, ZAKER,

"VA-11 Hall-A: Punk bar action" is one of the earliest punk themes in 2016. In the game, players need to talk to each bar customer, through understanding their respective experiences, to tune them into a suitable wine. Wine types also affect customers - Z

2017 was a really bumpy year for EA. In the year of March, the sale of "Andromeda" mass effect on first appeared serious game quality problem, not only the game game player reputation in the community and even collapse, the entire series EA refrigeration

The adventure sandbox game, launched by 505 Games, will enter WeGame in November 21st. Meanwhile, it will build a domestic server with multi benefit network to ensure that the domestic players have a carefree gaming experience. At the launch, the knight o

Remember two months ago in the Atlantic crazy hurricanes Harvey and IRMA? The shadow of the disaster area has not disappeared since the hurricane season has been delayed. Last night, it was discovered that SIE was working for PS+ players who lived in the

"Deadly bomb" evil sword domain of God discloses two sections BOSS and 4 video game player online cooperation. The four players in the original video and video have their own characteristics, the main angle of the player is mainly responsible for the outp

Monster Hunter world announced the latest intelligence of the game, this time, in addition to the previously released monsters, mainly about the online functions of the gathering and hunters, cats use posture. But it's nothing new than the new system. Mag

We have previously reported that the Steam version of the full version of Ren king has been lifted, and the price of the country zone is 249 yuan. In the past day, the number of evaluation has reached 774, of which there are many PC players are more conce

For players, collecting their favorite objects or surrounding, is a very happy thing. So what happens when we have to sell them? Maybe some reluctant, some reluctant to part with it. Recently, a "game king" game player warrior of Japanese make Hai Ya are

Dr. X, who wants to kill wild animals, is very happy today because of the new data of World of Warcraft, Azeroth is back with the lost field PVP for many years! It is said that World of Warcraft is the biggest change since 2005! Surprised or not? Is it un

At present, want to backup Switch game player file is not an easy thing. If your host system suffers from a variety of strange reasons, the hard hitting game archive will be ruined. This potential risk has attracted more and more attention to game player

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