Hello, I'm a decent boy. This is a decent game. Recently, king of glory planning Donny in micro-blog broke the "king of glory" of the new model design, with the text said five waves of troops fought each other? There is no crystal without a soldier line?

The next DLC to the Olympics is about to be launched in December 5th. Meanwhile, the Beta test leading to the Olympic road is about to start at 1 o'clock in the morning of November 29th in Beijing. The corresponding platform is PC ZAKER, personalized reco

Recently, a lot of chicken eating players found that there was a serious "off frame" phenomenon when licking packets, and when they came back, their bags had been licked by others. This allows many players at critical time, even if there is no bullet, do

When it comes to placement games, Clicker Heroes is probably one of the most infamous works. Is not to say that it is not good, but its indescribable addiction has poisoned a large number of the young youth, the evaluation for the Steam district - ZAKER,

Recently, due to the "Star Wars: Frontline 2" Micro Trading design is too pit, EA has just been criticized by the players and the media, and forced to remove the relevant system. However, EA may not have thought, recently, "Isaac combination" producer Edm

Hello, this is a serious game. I'm a real brother. (source: know the game player Nick) the so-called big woods, what birds are, this has been reflected in the Ling from every letter recently Huobian global chicken game. There are brain gamers who play oth

Welcome to the God comments, saying the new hero king of glory Shiyin Ming finally opened its mysterious veil, is actually an auxiliary milk super Pugong with vertigo and foot. [players: India, Nanhai District, Philippines Town, Australia town] frequent h

We have recently reported the news of the "Star Wars Battlefront 2" (hereinafter referred to as "Star Wars front line 2)" micro transaction ", while the major gaming communities around the world are also constantly around the issue of intense discussion.

Everything you know about intellectual property is wrong. The controversy over the rationality of digital rights management (DRM) has been going on for many years, John Baron (John P. Barlow) has been going on for many years. Copyright is one of the intel

At the end of last week, did you play a multiplayer model called "call of Duty World War II"? After entering the social hall, did you feel lonely and found that there was no player outside the hall except for a group of NPC? It's not that you have this pr

BNEI officially announced the popular comic adaptation of the game "seven sins of Leah Brita traveler" will be landing PS4 platform in January 25, 2018, priced at 7600 yen, and released the second bomb trailer. B station address "seven sin Brita Leah - ZA

Meet the plug-in in the game you will do, Zhu Xian or run away? Recently, a China game player in the Internet bar to play "Jedi survival" hanging open playing video was transmitted to the oil pipe, causing overseas users of discussion, and began to discus

Today, Steam updates hardware and software survey data, statistics show that compared with September, the number of users in other languages into a downward trend, only the Chinese users increased by nearly 27%. In addition, simplified Chinese users have

Hello, I am in order to write this demo specifically to see a Dr. X will be singing sound of the future. Dr. X introduced today by a NetEase agent mikunopolis IP Mobile Games -- "early sound", the core gameplay of the game 10 years ago with the Tencent ag

In the game time website, many players know that the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter world may be the most anticipated game in the next few months, one of the most eye-catching. But there is a fact that we must admit, monster hunter is not a mass ga

Today, the player can play more and more hand travel, resulting in a large number of game accounts, there is also more and more transactions between players demand. Such as the initial number, or a longer RPG account and so on, and such high-quality accou

Not krypton gold had no way out? There's a saying: no krypton player is a service for krypton players. Although this is just a joke, it does show the benefits of two different groups of players in a game. The players who spend money in the game, that's ho

The new dragon ball series, "Dragon Ball warrior Z", has announced new information, which will be priced at 7800 yen in February 1, 2018. The story mode of Dragon Ball warrior Z will be divided into many different chapters. In the background setting, the

World of Warcraft 2017 Halloween activities on the line today, many players want to know what World of Warcraft 2017 Halloween activities, what is the reward of the activities, the following Xiaobian give you a detailed presentation. Activity time 2017/10

[17173 reported, reprinted please indicate the source] in "Lodge heroes biography", the Banshee sister's secret room once was each player must visit every day existence. Not only for the rare fall in the campaign, but more importantly, it was most temptin

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