On the evening of January 3, Wang reported to the Changsha police that a spa had hidden pornographic services. After receiving the alarm, the police quickly went to the club to conduct a surprise inspection. The police carefully checked all the rooms in the clubhouse, and the room was empty. The police then found the alarm person Wang and the staff in the club

(Observer.net) On January 4, the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a reminder to remind Chinese citizens in Indonesia to pay attention to security. The Department of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that in recent times, demonstrations have occurred in many places in Indonesia. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chinese Embassy in...

Which kid ran out? At 1 am on January 2nd, in the South Lane, South Street, Zixing Community, Kaiyang County, some residents were awakened by shouts downstairs & amp; hellip; & amp; hellip; Silently returned to bed. It turns out that several people

Modern Express News (Reporter Gu Yuansen and Deng Wenting) Wife is pregnant with someone else's child, can husband sue for divorce? Her husband is grumpy, and even when the couple quarrels, what should she do? On December 29, Modern Express had a lawyer. Offline consultation activities were held as scheduled.

On the morning of December 19th, when Mr. Zhang was going to work in Guiyang, he found that the car parked in the parking lot of the community was blocked by a BMW. The jam was more than 20 hours until the next morning. I couldn't find the owner of this BMW. Mr. Zhang lives in China Railway International City, Guiyang City,

Modern Express News (correspondent Wu Ting reporter Gundam) A few days ago, the police in Taicang, Suzhou received a police report. The police slammed 110 and reported that the home was stolen. Seven gold bars weighing 400 grams were stolen. However, after the police arrived on the scene to investigate, they found no trace of the crime.

The wife was afraid that her husband would go gambling again. In order to let him go home early, he was detained by false police. When the husband learned that his wife was trapped in a police station, he said nothing, and wanted to lead a car. I have to say that this pair is too magical ... the couple ignored each other in the police station in order to let the husband go home early, the wife

At 17:45 on December 17, the police station of Shanghai Railway Station received a 110 alarm, saying that a child was kidnapped at the KFC gate at the southeast exit of the station! The police immediately rushed to the scene. After the scene investigation, the police, Ms. Wang and her mother, brought her 2-year-old daughter and son to Shanghai.

Our newspaper Changde News On December 19, a murder case occurred in Hongqi Village, Yangtaohu Town, Hanshou County, Changde City, causing two deaths and three injuries. On the evening of the 19th, Hanshou Public Security issued a police report. At 5:32 on December 19, the Hanshou County Public Security Bureau 110 alarm service desk received

Throwing 500 yuan in cash on the ground in an attempt to commit misconduct with a woman & amp; hellip; & amp; hellip; At 19:00 on July this year, in Dafangshen Village, Dalian Bay Street, Ganjingzi District, Dalian

A woman in Georgia reported to the police that someone had hacked into her home's anti-theft camera, and the other party shouted through the speaker: I got up and I could see you sleeping. The woman claimed that her camera had been hacked four times in three weeks, but it was unclear whether it was the same person. Camera manufacturers currently

On December 12, 2019, the People's Procuratorate of Yulin City reviewed and decided to investigate the crimes of Xue Moumou and Hui Moumou who were detained due to their misconduct in accordance with the law. On December 13, they decided to criminally detain them. . Basic facts: 2019

My daughter-in-law was bullied. I went to question each other and was injured. On the morning of the 8th, Mr. Hu, a citizen of Guiyang, told reporters that his daughter-in-law was bullied in the evening of the 6th. He went to question each other and was wounded by three men. On the morning of the 8th, the reporter came to Mr. Hu at the south section of Xintian Avenue 41

Modern Express News (correspondent Qin Gongxuan reporter Ji Yu) Hello, 110? My family has a fluffy ‘little monster’ that looks very fierce. My wife and I are scared and dare not engage in & amp; hellip; & amp; hellip; Recently, the Qinhuai Branch of the Nanjing Public Security Bureau received such a report.

The fight against drug-related crimes has always been a task that governments around the world attach great importance to. However, anyone who has a little drug or business will become a prey in the eyes of the drug police. Therefore, whether it is a drug addict or a drug Drug traffickers who are poisonous and poisonous are the targets that the government will never take lightly, especially

Recently, a woman received a phone call from the police during her late night sleep. When she touched the bed, the whole person panicked and then rushed out of the house. The truth behind the story is surprising. Source: Beijing News Editor: Xiaozhao

Police: Why are you going to carry out the theft? Suspect: I just want to test the speed of the police. …… On the morning of August 14, 2019, Zhu was riding an electric scooter in a community and strolling around and found that a family window was open.

According to Korean media reports, the Korean police confirmed the full series of frauds of "Produce101". Except for the third and fourth seasons that An Junying PD and others admitted, the whole series of "Produce" is different from the results of the audience voting. Confirm that the production team is involved and has made fraud

At 5:00 pm on November 12, Xuzhou Suining traffic police seized a truck that was suspected of carrying a long cargo. In the face of punishment, the driver Li actually took out a fine of 6:35 that night. The police found that the ticket was not only crossed in time, but also in Anhui.

Recently, Suzhou's take-out agent Hu Mou went to a community to send a takeaway, after the community security stopped, the two had a dispute. Because the take-away order is still about 2 minutes, the anxious Hu has actually knocked the security guard to the ground. Then Humou injured another security guard and the police who went out. After identification, the police were slightly injured, a...

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