Modern Express News (communicator Gong Zhaofeng Zhang Tianyi reporter Lin Qingzhi) Good man amp … … On November 12, 73-year-old Liu uncle (chemical name) came to the duty station of Zhenjiang Helin Police Station and thanked the police . More than half a month ago, positive

Modern Express News (correspondent Zhang Tianyi reporter Lin Qingzhi) Hey, is the Helin Police Station? I am on the canal road, my family has been stolen, you can help me. Every once in a while, Zhenjiang Helin Police Station will receive a similar alarm call, the police are all Xu Laotai (chemical name), whenever this

Modern Express News (correspondent Yu Gongxuan reporter Gu Yuansen) Recently, the police station of the Yuhua Tuan Road of the Yuhuatai Branch of the Nanjing Public Security Bureau received a police alert. Because of the obscene video, a man extended a salty pig in the hospital to the female doctor. At present, the man has been administratively detained by the police according to law.

At about 16 o'clock on November 4, Ms. Liang was on her way home. When she reached the stairs, she found a strange man coming out of her house. Ms. Liang went up to ask and took advantage of the situation. The man quickly broke free and fled the scene. Ms. Liang entered the house and found that the belongings, watches and other belongings were stolen and tired.

On November 12th, Guangdong Zhaoqing City Public Security Bureau Gaowei Branch official microblogging @平安高要 issued a police report that at 16 o'clock on the afternoon of November 9, the bureau's Hetai police station received an alarm saying that in Hetai Town A corpse is hung on a tree on the Shiyuntang Mountain in the Bao Village Committee. After receiving the report,

Modern Express News (correspondent Liu established reporter Ge Xiaolin) On the afternoon of November 11, Mr. Fan of Changzhou rushed to the police station to report that he had lost 8,000 yuan in his WeChat wallet and suspected that he had encountered a hacker. Unexpectedly, this hacker turned out to be Mr. Fan's wife. because

One day in early July this year, my friend greeted me to come out to eat. After a few glasses of wine, he sighed and said: How hard it is to be alive. It’s said that my uncle’s family, a two-generation three-killing pigsmith, is not very good at life. It’s uncomfortable to say it. ……

(Network map, graphic irrelevant) According to China Youth Daily News: In the past 7 years, the personal identity information of Wuhan citizen Qi Hongyan has been in the national drug information database of the public security department. As a drug-related person, she is faced with travel and accommodation. And many other restrictions. The problem is that she has never been poisoned.

Recently, a number of netizens broke the news that Yuan Xiaomou, a 16-level student of Nanjing Xiaozhuang College, abused cats. Nanjing Xiaozhuang College reported that the public security organs had been involved in the investigation. On November 11th, Yuan Moumou told the Red Star journalist that he did not abuse the cat, but he did lose the cat and reached an agreement with the cat owner.

A man in Wenling handed over a stewardess girlfriend on the mobile game. He fell in love for more than two years. He thought that the netizen had died suddenly. He also dropped his WeChat into the blacklist. Wenling Public Security, Taizhou, Zhejiang, November 8th, October 27th, in Chengdu, Sichuan Province

At 3 o'clock in the morning of October 31, a man and a woman were arrested by the police when they were engaged in prostitution in a rented house in Taikang Community, Wenshan City, Yunnan Province. It was really a matter of causing a bowl of day and night to violate the law. ……

"Hubei Daily" reported on November 10, at 8:00 am on November 7, the office of the Exit and Entry Administration Brigade of the Public Security Bureau of Yangxin County of Huangshi City received a phone call from the Exit and Entry Administration of the Hubei Provincial Public Security Bureau, and relayed the staff of the Cambodian Embassy. Telephone content, said to be police stationed by...

Today (November 10) afternoon, the Kaiping Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Tangshan City, Hebei Province, on its official Weibo (@ Kaiping Public Security Network spokesperson) issued a briefing on the accidental arrest of elderly people suffering from cancer, as follows: : 63-year-old man was beaten as a hacker to control the police

The wife let her husband throw garbage, the husband readily agreed, went downstairs to throw garbage, and after 9 hours, the two cried! One afternoon, a woman in her 50s rushed to the Caixi Police Station of Benxixi Lake Public Security Bureau for help: Comrades of the police, my family’s necklaces, watches, bracelets, etc.

According to the notification from the Yuhua Police of Changsha City on November 9th, at 13:36 on November 5th, 2019, the Yuhuating Police Station received a report from the masses. 110 The police said that there are adults playing children in Huicheng. At 13:50, the police station of Yuhuating Police Station arrived at the scene.

The wife let her husband throw garbage, the husband readily agreed, went downstairs to throw garbage, and after 9 hours, the two cried! One afternoon, a woman in her 50s rushed to the Caixi Police Station of Benxixi Lake Public Security Bureau for help: Comrades of the police, my family’s necklaces, watches, bracelets, etc.

The baby who was a few months old was abandoned by the roadside ditch. Who is so worried? This is a police situation received by the police in Fuyang recently. At present, the abandoned baby girl has been properly resettled by the Fuyang Children's Welfare Institute. The police appealed to the children's family to contact the Sanshun Police Station of the Public Security Bureau of Xiangyang...

Recently, a 9-year-old child was killed in a residential area on Changsha Huicheng, Hunan. A police officer in charge of the Yuhuating police station in charge of this district said that the incident occurred on November 5 or 6, and the perpetrators have been arrested. On November 6th, a video was circulated on the Internet, a man said

ZAKER Harbin reporter Wang Tiejun Wen / Photo / Video shooting and production If someone tells you that he has a brand new Apple X3 discount shipment, do you believe it? The young woman Xiao Liu is a predecessor who trusts herself to work together. Although she has no contact in 3 years, she can

At about 4 am on November 5, a wounding incident occurred in an alley in Jiefang West Road, Changsha. A young man was beaten and injured by many people. After receiving the alarm from the masses, the police quickly rushed to the scene of the incident. ▲When the victim Zhang rushed to the scene, the victim Zhang was sitting on the side of the road and was in many places.

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