The day's work is not easy to end. Nowadays, young people like to go to the bar to have a drink with friends. Recently, Xiao Liu and friends invited to party in the bar. After leaving, she returned to her apartment. She immediately called the police, and the police immediately called up the bar monitoring, but this scene really made Xiao

The day's work is not easy to end. Nowadays, young people like to go to the bar to have a drink with friends. Recently, Xiao Liu and friends invited to party in the bar. After leaving, she returned to her apartment. She immediately called the police, and the police immediately called up the bar monitoring, but this scene really made Xiao

Image source @ 视 中国 文 | After four months of preparation, team building, marketing and channel expansion, Ge Rong did not expect that the last meeting with his boss Yan Jia was at the police station. The reason was that Yan Jia went to a CVS store and wanted to take back his disposable electronic cigarette.

On the afternoon of December 27, 2019, Master Huai'an bus driver Master Chen was suddenly slapped three times by a passenger from behind while driving! How is this going? The monitoring screen showed that Master Chen was driving the bus normally. Passenger Wei went from the back of the car to the front of the car and stood behind Master Chen ’s seat.

Some people are alive, but they are dead. This was originally a sentence in a poem, but it was not expected that it would actually be staged in reality. This happened to Mr. Gao, a villager in Yongfu Village, Yangcao Town, Anda City. This household registration information was retrieved from the local Yangcao Town Police Station, which clearly stated that Mr. Gao had been on 2

The story of the police station 2019 genre: Drama / Reality show / Talk show started for 3 years, the rating continued to rise. Record the daily lives of respectable and fearful police officers. Trivial and moving. Where to watch Oriental Satellite TV Station B Broadcast time Every Thursday, December 19

In a affiliated hospital in Beilin District of Xi'an City, something strange happened recently. Some people threw excrement onto the car, on the road, and more than once or twice. At first, the residents thought that the car owners had grievances with others and did not pay attention to this matter. Who knows since then, seven or eight days in a row, almost half a month,

According to China's relevant laws, imported heated non-burning cigarettes have no legal source to prove their import and are not allowed to be sold in the country. Recently, Jiangsu Yangzhou sentenced a case of illegal sale of electronic cigarettes, and several defendants were sentenced. The cause of this case must also start with Mr. Liu's online purchase of e-cigarettes in Jiangsu. Online...

Owner Mr. Yang introduced that his house was shot twice this time. On the evening of December 25, a small hole was left in the glass, and the glass did not break. Then, around 11am on the 27th, he happened to be resting at home, and suddenly he heard a bang from the guest bedroom window.

Ms. Wang, a citizen of Nantong, usually likes to watch online novels on her mobile phone. Some time ago, she saw that the advertisements embedded in the novels could make money, so she also invested a lot of money. In more than ten days, 270,000 were thrown in, all lost. Thinking back to the nightmare encounters these days, Ms. Wang cried for a moment. Ms. Wang said,

Modern Express News (Correspondent Mao Minhua Reporter Yan Junchen) Should a passerby be found drowned in a river, should the river administrator be liable for compensation? On December 30, the Modern Express reporter learned that recently, the Chongchuan District Court of Nantong City ruled that the river channel administrator should not be liable for the drowning of the passers

At around five o'clock in the afternoon on December 29, a boy suddenly fell from a high-rise building in Xingfuli District, Dongdu District, Harbin, and lost vital signs. Nearby residents said that there was no one at the time and the boy was at home alone. By 7:30 pm, the boy's crash had been dealt with. Child

At 10:30 am on December 28, the Changning Public Security Bureau Baifang Police Station (Traffic Police Squadron) was assisting police officer Yan Wenxiong in the death of a public officer during the rectification of traffic problems. ▲ Yan Wenxiong, an auxiliary police officer who died because of public service, the same morning, the Baifang Police Station (Traffic Police Squadron)

Shaoyang News on December 26, with the assistance of the Interpol Brigade of the Donghu Temple Police Station of the Daxiang Public Security Branch of Shaoyang City and the Cai Jing Police Station, Yang Mou, a suspect of robbery, was successfully arrested. All the fugitives were arrested and brought to justice. 2019 2

On the evening of December 24, a man in Zunyi City smashed a bottle into a taxi while crossing the road, causing dissatisfaction with his brother and an argument. Unexpectedly, the man dragged his brother out of the cab and beat him up. From the video, it can be seen that around 11 p.m. that day, a man was standing beside a taxi cab and struggling hard.

Modern Express News (correspondent Chen Qian reporter Gu Xiao) got up in the morning to cook, and found that someone was already cooking in the kitchen. Ms. Huang from Baoying, Yangzhou was taken aback by this scene. It turned out she didn't know her at all. Police arrived at the scene and found that she was a mentally ill patient. She did one at Ms. Huang's house.

Recently, the Banqiao Police Station of Yuhuatai Branch of Nanjing City received a call from the manager of a steaming hall saying that a satyr was caught in the rest hall. Police arrived and arrested Hong who was suspected of molesting others. The weather is getting colder and colder, and many people choose to relax at the steaming hall to relieve their fatigue. At the steaming hall

At 16:00 on December 23, Ms. Yi from Zhuchang Town, Qixingguan District rushed to the Zhuchang police station to report the case, claiming that the shoulder bag she had put in the car was stolen, and a 1 million IOU, 4000 Yuyuan cash and a gold ring worth more than 2000 yuan were stolen. Involve

Modern Express News (Correspondent Wei Yue Sun Zhenjiang Reporter Gundam Lu Wenjie) Recently, a woman in Suzhou developed suicidal thoughts due to postpartum depression and went missing while driving. Since she left without a word, her family did not notice anything abnormal at first, and it was the afternoon of the day to respond. The police received the report

According to @ 安庆 太湖 公安 在线 报, at 14:55 on December 24, 2019, a murder case occurred in Miduo Town, Taihu County, which killed a woman. At present, the suspect Zhang has been arrested. & amp; uarr; Screenshots from Police Reports Webcast, Someone Called Dead

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