The X019 event was officially opened in the early hours of this morning. In this event, Microsoft officially announced the first real-time preview video of Age of Empires 4. Let's take a look. Your browser does not support this video playback. For the Age of Empires series, I believe many people will not be unfamiliar. But unfortunately

Tencent digital news (red fruit), according to MacRumors website reports, with Apple's 2017 product line supporting fast charging and wireless charging technology, charging more ways to iPhone. Each charging method varies, some of which are faster and cos

Millet store style more and more, not limited to mobile power, mobile phone intelligent equipment, clothing and footwear everything, recently launched a very interesting cross products, portable flashlight. It not only has the function of flashlight, but

In a recent interview with the 95 rifle, 95 rifles and bullets of domestic academician Duo Yingxian chief designer of poor quality, especially the performance of propellant, the quality is not stable, a serious drag on the performance and reliability of t

Under the trend of sharing economy, the sharing of bicycles and sharing of charging treasure has been spawned, and a new round of capital war has also been aroused. Each platform makes every effort to strive for maximum differentiation in service and expe

NetEase entertainment reported on November 15th, recently on Lin Chiling and Jerry Yan composite rumors continue, but also become the most talked about topic in recent entertainment circles. On the night of November 14th, angelababy said, "ZAKER, personal

Return to the origin of "series of works flash deities: Rebirth" will burst on sale in February 22, 2018, recently announced the official website of the ten protagonists of their Nirvana esoteric tolerance law. As for the nirvana system, can have more pow

Imperceptibly, the 95 gun family from 1997 the first fielded garrison, into our army weapon equipment series today, has been a full 20 years, the new year has become a gun gun. This is a witness to our army - ZAKER, personalized recommendation hot news, l

After the new light tan exposure, the new light tan 105 gun power exactly geometry has been a topic of concern for the vast number of users. Especially in this year's armor and anti armor, the host mentioned that the domestic 105 wear off the power has re

Recently, the reporter visited Russia in the Semipalatinsk Test Site, here was the main Soviet nuclear weapon test field. There is a museum in the laboratory, showing various Soviet made nuclear weapons, and the left one is the Soviet Union's first atomic

Today's fami intelligence has released the latest information about Monster Hunter world, including new scenes, new monsters, and new elements of weapons. The new scene, in addition to the previously identified ancient trees, announced a new scene, the wa

Data chart: model of hydrogen bomb on display [global network military reported on September 4th, Global Times special correspondent Li Qiang] people may ask, how powerful is hydrogen bomb? How hard is it to develop hydrogen bombs? In terms of the enhance

The super network authorized reprint, please reprint other media with the consent of the super network. A lot of game player in the purchase of the PC power supply, tend to focus on the rated power, this practice is not wrong, but it is not comprehensive

Data figure: 055 model million ton missile destroyer imagine this kind of ship, carrying hundreds of thousands of missiles and thousands of missiles are huge arsenals, cruising above the ocean, this is what kind of feeling? More than 3 websites in the Uni

The NetEase "call" game player studio column (public No. tanbingjs). Recently, a news circulated on the Internet: a convoy of Kenya's armed forces met with Somali Youth Party militants ambushed, and many military vehicles were blown up by roadside bombs (

A lot of people wonder if guns are going to go down when they're loaded with silencers. In fact, the answer to this question is not only one, both decline, but also enhanced. Figure: VZ61 submachine guns equipped with silencer, silencer power will be sign

In terms of small caliber weapons, China can be said to be a long forward, the development of a lot of highlights. For example, China in 2002 developed the type 02 14.5 mm anti-aircraft guns, the whole gun weighs only 73 kg, the Aluminum Alloy and titaniu

With a year's dishwasher, I have to admit that the dishwasher is a product that you can't go back with. First give my SIEMENS a light, the model is SR23E850TI. So far, many people around me heard that I bought a dishwasher and always asked the same questi

With a year's dishwasher, I have to admit that the dishwasher is a product that you can't go back with. First give my SIEMENS a light, the model is SR23E850TI. So far, many people around me heard that I bought a dishwasher and always asked the same questi

In the rush to worm the worm, 360 companies were ahead, leading other security companies to launch a ransomware recovery tool. It is necessary to point out that this tool has just been released, and can not guarantee 100 percent recovery of the affected f

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