Bad habits and eating habits are full of the environment around us, and even the good habits that have been kept in the past will gradually drift. With these "trends", there is another wave of "tide". Threatened abortion, because of women

After be pregnant, girls will suddenly become very precious hands do not lift so high, over the shoulder will be abortion! Yellowing things can't be eaten! Oranges and pineapples are not good. Eating the fetus will get jaundice! Soy sauce can't be eaten,

It's a great thing to give birth to a child. As the saying goes, the child is one hundred years old, and the long worry is ninety-nine. It is not easy for the parents to be seen enough. As a mother, personal feelings will be more profound. Pregnant mother

The dietary guidelines for Chinese residents suggested that the daily intake of iron increased by 4mg and 9mg, respectively, in the middle and late trimester of pregnancy. It's really important to eat more iron - rich foods during pregnancy. Because iron

The joy of pregnancy, as well as the healthy growth of the fetal treasure, can overcome all the discomfort during pregnancy and let the expectant mothers finish the ten months successfully. After pregnancy, there will be many changes in the body, such as

Many people snoring, most people think that snoring is a good sleep, sleepy, and few people are concerned about snoring. Many expectant mothers have snoring in the middle and late pregnancy. This is because obesity, pharynx stenosis, and uterine enlargeme

Many mothers in late pregnancy can feel stomach and chest discomfort, feel a burning sensation in the spread between the stomach and chest, known as heartburn. In fact, mothers do not have to worry about, because this is very common in late pregnancy hear

For the expectant mother, pregnancy in October is not an easy thing. In the meantime, there may be some discomfort. The frequency of urine often perplex the mother. Frequent urination is also a symbol of pregnancy, and even a lot of quasi mothers find the

A friend is pregnant, she bought a bunch of bird's nest for her tonic, but also the day with all kinds of water for her to drink soup. Everyone around me said she was blessed, but she had some worries: the most important thing of pregnancy is not all kind

Expectant mothers during pregnancy are loved and nurturing by family members. Of course, they are also transformed from a girl who can wantonly spread their youth to a woman who needs family responsibilities. With the longing for the unborn little angel,

After pregnancy, the people around you are telling you to eat more fish, baby is smarter. Yes, eating fish in pregnancy can supplement high quality protein and DHA, pregnant mother is healthy, and baby is also more intelligent. However, not all the fish a

The last time to travel abroad, a friend let mom buy music a milk of pregnant women, pregnant women say easy calcium, to quickly fill. In fact, foreign countries are not popular with pregnant women's milk powder, pregnant women have eaten much, regardless

There are a lot of pregnant mother complained: not that will appear hair after the birth of the baby? Why am I pregnant began mad hair? Now can not comb the hair comb, worried that she was bald! For the hair sparse hair easily star people, one hair is pre

During pregnancy, there is a kind of nutrition, very easy to be ignored but very important! Without it, there is the risk of miscarriage, pregnant mother, born baby may also suffer from the mental retardation, deaf, motor dysfunction, language dysfunction

Because of pregnancy, hormonal and physical changes, the mother may feel the skin more or less will change, one problem of dry skin, dark etc.. However, pregnant in October should be the woman life the most beautiful moment, but the problem of skin change

Pregnant women hate most stretch marks, but sadly, once long and it will be difficult to get rid of &hellip pregnancy; … the most effective way is to prevent pregnancy! Some people say Stretchmark prevention to fill the collagen, pig's trotters eat

To be staged to stockpile festival every year. Many expectant mothers are always the masters of buying, buying and buying, and have been studying all kinds of pregnancy knowledge since they were pregnant. In the stockpile this matter, pregnant mother is m

Since pregnancy, you try every day to add to your health, what folic acid, DHA, what vitamin B1, B2, B12, you know, strict calculation. Once the pregnancy test is not up to standard, you're more anxious than anyone else, stroking your stomach, blaming you

Since pregnancy, expectant mothers in the belly of the baby's health, give up makeup, do not wear high-heeled shoes, do not wear all kinds of exquisite jewelry, to give up can do a lot of things before pregnancy, all the baby is heavy. For comfort, clothe

Generally speaking, the mother's skin does not change significantly due to pregnancy. However, due to changes in endocrine, pregnant mother's skin defense ability will decline, become some sensitive and fragile, slightly less attention is also prone to an

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