Exercises at different stages of pregnancy. For healthy mothers, it is possible to carry out relaxed daily activities in the first trimester, such as walking, gentle yoga, etc .; In the second and third trimester of pregnancy, 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity can be performed every day. What is a medium intensity activity

Before the pregnancy, some minor problems were not noticed. In the special period of pregnancy, these minor problems were enlarged. For example, some stomach pain suddenly turned into throbbing. This is because the hormones in the pregnant woman have changed and the uterus has continuously increased the pressure on the stomach. Nausea and stomach are more likely to cause indigestion. Photo...

There is a Chinese saying that ten people and nine hemorrhoids are enough to show that this disease is very common. In addition, the pain of the hemorrhoids was unbearable, and everyone was far away from it. So if the pregnant mother hits the hemorrhoids ... How do you handle the pregnant mother before and after the belly and hemorrhoid disease? How to care

India is a magical country, and there are often some incredible things. Recently, a pregnant woman from India went to a wedding. When the groom saw her, she fled and fled. What is the matter? Comprehensive foreign media reported on November 16 that the incident occurred in Uttar Pradesh, India

On November 16, Xiaowen, a 12-year-old mentally handicapped girl who was sexually assaulted in Xinyi City, Guangdong Province, had a second abortion and the embryo was handed over to the forensic doctor. According to his introduction, Xiaowen lives with parents who also have intellectual disabilities. Earlier in March, Xiaowen was also sexually assaulted into pregnancy. Xinyi City Government...

When I was pregnant, the old man at home must have repeatedly said this sentence: Can not say 3 months before pregnancy, otherwise it will alarm the baby, the baby is not happy, the baby can not stay for 3 months before pregnancy can not say, the fetus Very small, saying it is bad for the fetus... Anyway, the reason is very

Gillian and her 8-year-old Taiwanese network doctor Lai Guohong married and seriously managed to marry, even using frozen eggs to prepare for pregnancy. However, Lai Guohong was famous before marriage, and he was often photographed at a nightclub to date a hot girl. On November 8th, there was another net red to show photos of her and Lai Guohong’s dinner.

The actor Zhang Yuyi made a microblogging some time ago, advising mothers who are preparing for pregnancy. Any dental problems must be solved before pregnancy. Before that, she also had the experience of going to see a doctor because of a toothache. This pregnant with a dental disease, the doctor told me that various measures will not work, I think Zhang Yiyi is also suffering from toothache...

After pregnancy... The body is fat and the chloasma is out. It seems that I am getting farther and farther away from me. However, mothers should not be discouraged, maybe... There are unexpected surprises, and it will get secondary development. Source: The network looks at this round, full shape, mothers must know who our protagonist is today

Ms. Fan from Zhuhai entered a property company for less than two months, but was dismissed on the day of pregnancy. After many consultations with the property company, Ms. Fan filed a lawsuit on April 25 this year on the grounds of equal employment rights disputes. . Recently, the People’s Court of Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province made a first-instance judgment on the case.

What good things do you eat during pregnancy? Let's talk about the comment area! Look at it, don't try it here

Bad habits and eating habits are full of the environment around us, and even the good habits that have been kept in the past will gradually drift. With these "trends", there is another wave of "tide". Threatened abortion, because of women

After be pregnant, girls will suddenly become very precious hands do not lift so high, over the shoulder will be abortion! Yellowing things can't be eaten! Oranges and pineapples are not good. Eating the fetus will get jaundice! Soy sauce can't be eaten,

It's a great thing to give birth to a child. As the saying goes, the child is one hundred years old, and the long worry is ninety-nine. It is not easy for the parents to be seen enough. As a mother, personal feelings will be more profound. Pregnant mother

The dietary guidelines for Chinese residents suggested that the daily intake of iron increased by 4mg and 9mg, respectively, in the middle and late trimester of pregnancy. It's really important to eat more iron - rich foods during pregnancy. Because iron

The joy of pregnancy, as well as the healthy growth of the fetal treasure, can overcome all the discomfort during pregnancy and let the expectant mothers finish the ten months successfully. After pregnancy, there will be many changes in the body, such as

Many people snoring, most people think that snoring is a good sleep, sleepy, and few people are concerned about snoring. Many expectant mothers have snoring in the middle and late pregnancy. This is because obesity, pharynx stenosis, and uterine enlargeme

Many mothers in late pregnancy can feel stomach and chest discomfort, feel a burning sensation in the spread between the stomach and chest, known as heartburn. In fact, mothers do not have to worry about, because this is very common in late pregnancy hear

For the expectant mother, pregnancy in October is not an easy thing. In the meantime, there may be some discomfort. The frequency of urine often perplex the mother. Frequent urination is also a symbol of pregnancy, and even a lot of quasi mothers find the

A friend is pregnant, she bought a bunch of bird's nest for her tonic, but also the day with all kinds of water for her to drink soup. Everyone around me said she was blessed, but she had some worries: the most important thing of pregnancy is not all kind

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