Recently, there are media reports that a real estate in Nanjing is the first to push 379 suites, subscribe for 8 sets, only 1 sets of transactions! This is in sharp contrast to the difficult phenomenon in previous years. We have to make people sweat for t

After announcing the strategic investment outlook last week to the car, the treasure energy investment has a new move. In December 26th, Bao can work in the Whampoa  and Guangzhou development zones to build a new energy vehicle industrial park. The indust

This article is only used for research, and is not enough for any trading advice. China's HK:03333 and HK:01918 recently share prices plummeting. In order to find brick moving opportunities for comparison, the author estimated the valuation of all the int

A few days ago, a few unexpected guests came to Yangzhou's Fang Fang's home. They claimed they were asking for money from the debtors. Only when asked, did they know that the old lady, Lao Wu, had borrowed money from Lao Wu. But husband and wife two peopl

Beijing youth online news December 23rd, the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate today in Hainan province to feedback inspectors severely criticized the local real estate industry damage to the local ecological finance: over reliance on real est

It will be 9 days bad for 2017, and all walks of life are busy. Listed companies are no exception, especially for companies that need to sprint performance, leaving little time for them. No, after announcing the sale of 7 real estate in October, in the ev

The author | Fu Ning December 8th "news broadcast" series broadcast two heavy news, is not actually occurred on the same day. The meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee was held on the 8 day. On the same day, the meeting was reported on

According to Taiwan media reported today (9 days), the Kuomintang today held the first plenary session of the twentieth Central Committee Chairman Qiu Dazhan to submit a report for the current situation, he said at the meeting, the Taiwan, Taiwan Bank and

Recently a textbook play video hot topic on the Internet, the female driver Huang Shufen in the accident has not paid compensation to the victims, and their daughter Liu Mingyue was in the two months after buying a car, but does not recognize the transfer

Not long ago, one was entitled "wait."! Please look at what is the textbook shualai!" Micro-blog attracted many netizens' onlookers and heated discussion. Now, the intermediate people's Court of Tangshan City has frozen the Commission and assets of Huang

The 6511 / 2017, Blackstone (NYSE:BX) fund and made a big deal in June 2, 2017, Blackstone Group announced that its real estate fund holdings agreed to the logistics company Logicor to 1 ZAKER, personalized recommendation and hot news, local media informa

Source: Yuan Yihong initially saw the news, I have some surprise. In November 16th, the Guangzhou Municipal Construction Committee and the Guangdong branch of ICBC, Guangdong branch of China Construction Bank signed a cooperation agreement, the two banks

Leading housing enterprises on the expansion of the fast lane, high debt or Damour's sword (editor's note), in the global deleveraging background, the domestic housing prices debt ratio is still high. This year, in the policy control constantly overweight

21, the Ministry of housing in conjunction with the Ministry of land, the central bank held some provinces and cities real estate work forum. The meeting proposed to stabilize the real estate market bubble, resolve the risk as a priority among priorities,

Turn from: David to see the property market (ID:zdw123zdw123zdw); the author: Zhang Dawei, many countries around the world can use a word to frighten the world! Russia: I'm going to bomb Syria! Korea: I'm going to send atomic bombs to korea! UK: I'm going

A single investment every day: in the kingdom of investment, what you really need to do is get the biggest after tax compound interest. The cold wind in winter in Beijing makes people tremble. In such a cold winter, 51 large financial institutions, includ

In November 21st, the Ministry of housing and other three departments held some provinces and cities in the real estate forum, meeting the requirements, all localities should vigorously develop the rental housing market, increase the new public public hou

According to Hongkong media reports, the 41 year old actress Xian Suyuan, who was born Miss Korea, now she moved to the mainland, had to admit there is a rich two generations, her boyfriend, each have 7 cars, and a lot of real estate, although two people

Today, in the eighth session of the new financial summit, on real estate and real estate tax, two heavyweights put heavy artillery. The people's Bank of China (commonly known as the central bank) research bureau director Xu Zhong bluntly, at present, the

The author | London traders | source \ \ London traders (LondonFinance) has authorized 01 country to evaluate the value of several real estate heavyweights have told me, investment real estate is gambling fortunes. Throughout the world history, bet on the

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