Text | Qinghe Zhiben Society President, the title map comes from: Visual China's world of bitter real estate, long time. During the Great Depression, Old Roosevelt promulgated the "Home Loan Banking Law", and real estate borrowed a visible hand to open the upper path. For more than 70 years, real estate has evolved from initial capitalization to securitization after the 1970s to 200

Jin Jiuyin Shi really came! In order to ensure sales volume, all the real estate enterprises have shown their brilliance, and the price has changed to become the norm. The growth rate of real estate sales area has turned red for the first time this year. Written by / Xiao Bailong Editor / Lu Yongzhi November 14th, 20th November 2019, National System

The following article is from the property market Huang Da, the author Qi Yi and ◎ author | Qi Yi and ◎ source | property market Huang Da (ID: HouseLeader) has been authorized just past the double 11, some people for the 5 yuan discount fight, But some people offer tens of thousands of minutes, Hao

Author Chen Jiaxuan Edited Liao Sha, the views in the text do not constitute investment advice. At one time, Ma Yun published his views in public and was summed up that future housing prices such as onions are widely circulated. Today, housing prices are not mentioned for the time being, but the major e-commerce platforms are struggling to mix and sell houses, so that they can make a total...

The 39-person death truck in the UK was first-rate, and the foreign media began to smash and report without verification. In a piece of soul torture, "Why citizens of the second largest economy will sneak into the United Kingdom", swearing, vowing to smash the blood to the extreme. Until the Vietnamese reported the case, indicating that they had stolen their families.

On November 7, the Forbes China Rich 400 list was released. Driven by the consumption upgrade, the total wealth of the 400 richest people has increased by about one-fifth from a year ago to 9.12 trillion yuan. Jinyang.com reporters found that about one-third of the top 100 richest people

Judging from the sales situation this year, the threshold for survival and development of the industry in the future has been raised to 100 billion to 200 billion yuan. If this scale is not achieved, it must have a very special product force to survive in the competition. The property market in 2019 is too sad, and the ups and downs are like

Yuan Chun is a peacock-type personality, external, happy, and good at expression. Yuan Chun’s drink is good, he is often drunk, and he drinks a story. Late last night a few years ago, Long Ming, president of Longhu, received a call from Vice President Yuan Chun. When Yuan Chun is connected, he asks, Lao Shao, why do you be the CEO, not me? Yuan Chunzeng

The full text is 2,441 words, which is expected to take 6 minutes. Before I talk about housing prices, I have to give some advice to the quasi-small middle class who are going to move out of the 3rd, 4th and 5th tier cities. The new middle class who is a first- and second-tier city, if you meet the purchase price Condition, you are

Today, Weibo is a well-known real estate blogger of the real estate expert. @北京大土豆发博文 summarizes the cows that Luo Yonghao had blown in the past. The article mentions that Luo Yonghao once said that I am a step-by-step person. The cow that blows off the spectrum has also vowed to say that the perfect mobile phone cannot be tolerated.

Odomomachi, located in the northwestern part of Tokyo, Japan, is a beautiful town and one of the resorts for day trips from Tokyo. There is a beautiful and clean white pill lake …… there is a beautiful mountain landscape in all seasons &helli

Modern Express News (Reporter Deng Wenting Ji Yu) 142 square meters of housing in Qinyuan Street, Qinhuai District, Nanjing, with an estimated price of 5.57 million and a starting price of 3.12 million. At the same time, on November 11th, the full payment of the order, you can also return hundreds to thousands of red envelopes, such a price

Chutian Metropolis Daily on November 3 (Reporter Chen Jun correspondent Zeng Zhiqiang) Jianshe, a female real estate company manager, Rao, is ignorant of the situation, illegally possessing more than 4.9 million funds for high-interest loans, intending to use the chicken to lay eggs for profit; Jin Hao shelling trick, carrying money

Modern Express News The loving couple finally flew to the Yanyan. After the divorce, the house was given to the ex-wife, but it has not been transferred. When the ex-wife thinks about the transfer, the house is sold by her ex-husband, can the ex-wife still come back? The couple did not receive the certificate, but gave birth to the daughter. Now the woman wants to break up and fight for her...

Taiwanese singer Fei Yuqing, officially retired after the announcement in 2018 that he would finish his last concert tour in 2019. Next weekend, Fei Yuqing’s concert will have the last two games, and from then on, he will officially retreat. After Fei Yuqing’s retreat, he will not open the concert again.

[Hunting Cloud Network (WeChat:)] reported on November 2 (Compile: Ge Landong) When I was looking for someone who was blackmailing me in Chicago, I found that users of this short-term rental platform were easy to use. The call was made 10 minutes before we were ready to stay in Airbnb. I was at the time

What should I do if there are no traces of property, land, vehicles, etc. under the name of the person being executed? Recently, the news from the Higher People's Court of Henan Province said that a few days ago, the courts of Xuchang and Luoyang in Henan Province conducted a judicial auction on the mobile phone nickname under the name of Lao Lai.

Text | The insider losers have their own failures, and the winners are similar. In the Tang Dynasty, during the Lizhi period, Henan had an official six generations, and his father went up to five generations, all of whom were officials. He is the hero of the founding of the Tang Dynasty. He once served as the governor of the military, equivalent to the commander of the military region today. In...

The following article comes from Chi Society, president of the SD Source: Chi Society (ID: zhibenshe0-1) Author: SD president of finance and taxation, is an important indicator insight into China's macroeconomic trends. Every central level of tax reform has profoundly changed the direction of China's macro economy

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