A pregnancy, the causes of anxiety 1, elders worry too much about prenatal maternal anxiety, there are a large part from overly worried parents and parents in law. This kind of nervous parents and parents in law is easily transmitted to the mother, to add

According to Sina Finance reported in December 4th, hosted by the Beijing contemporary economics foundation of the second session of the China Forum held in Beijing in December 4th. Nanyang Technology University, Professor Huang Youguang believes that Chi

Group Sunshine combination in August 1st, the women's team Sunsh

The first is the Snake snake babies, may be limited to the size of the site, their entertainment

Parents do not think that the baby in the mother's stomach, they do not have their own emotions. abdomen

In February 19th, in the periphery of Libya Jose Bo La Tai, people gathered in the air

Baby burp is a normal phenomenon, but if a belch can not stop, it is overflowing and vomiting

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