Steel check into the man's eye socket video screenshot August 7th morning, a special patient

At 11:20 in the morning of July 27th, China Southern Airlines regiment received the good news came from the Sanya city hospital in Sanya City: ximaozhou island resident Su Aiyin gave birth to a baby boy, mother and child. 7:40, to help Xu Donghu and Yizhu

25 afternoon, the central army pontoon trip of more than 100 soldiers had just completed Hubei Xiaogan Lake three plus old Taiwan Lake Sai collapse task. At 16:30, the dike suddenly appeared three Taiwan Lake Sai, less than 30 seconds, the rapid formation

According to the Shenyang Municipal Meteorological Bureau report, is expected in the early morning of July 21st to the night, the Shenyang area will appear heavy rain, and may be accompanied by lightning, short-time strong precipitation, strong winds and

According to Xinhua news agency, by days of heavy rain, flooding in China continues, the armed forces of a batch of new rescue equipment have been put into the flood line, improve the ability of scientific rescue and flood emergency troops further.

In July 18th, Hubei Huangmei County Zhuo Gang Zhen Tian West Lake at the test burst danger, from a pontoon bridge brigade, armed police unit and Armed Police Hydropower Troops more than 1900 officers and men of the night, plus closure dike breach. In brea

Even by day to heavy rains in late July 14th, about 10:50, the 209 National Highway in Hubei Prefecture of Enshi province Xuanen County seven bridge road landslide, road pavement collapsed, causing traffic disruption. After the accident, the local traffic

JuShui River in Wuhan on the evening of 1 flood, Phoenix Town, Xinzhou District Village Zheng Tao JuShui River West Wei Wan occurred breach. Break near 200 residents have been transferred to safety, there are 6 villages, a community of 12 thousand people

[Shennongjia: 11 photographers mountains lost trapped fire department rescue] reporter from the Hubei provincial public security fire brigade was informed, 30, 20:20, 11 Zhejiang nationality photographers from Hubei Shennongjia forest region Shen Yin rive

The police feet dangling card in the cement concrete pavement, in order to prevent others from refusing to rescue in distress.

According to an online news market Star reported, first-aid stretcher sleep a "blood", the clothes have been stained with blood. After diagnosis, the patients diagnosed with multiple injury accident, comminuted fracture of pelvis, lumbar fracture, hemorrh

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported in May 23rd, recently, a group of aviation engineers to design a new type of personal safety system called "rescue capsule". Julian Sharp (Sharpe Julian), said the test drill hope that we can believe that, ev

Lichuan County, Jiangxi Province sudden mudslides destroyed bridges, the village is communicated with the outside of the bridge was destroyed, four elderly people were trapped. Firefighters with bamboo and rope simple pontoon bridge was built in the rapid

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