The day before, Science Robotics of University of Tokyo in Japan in scientific robot activities, shows a man named Kengoro wayward robot, the picture is very interesting. It is understood that Kengoro's body is built with 16 drives that can show - ZAKER,

Tentacles are a toxic research direction. The scientists seem to have no end to the total (well, estimates are scientists youngfrivolous, have seen a lot of fresh stuff)... The octopus grabbing robot developed by technology company Festo. And a team desig

A main message to sell IP and scanning software. The group full of gag, only main message to sell scanning software. A seller says 10 IP costs 120 yuan. The seller successfully cracked the ID and other information of multiple cameras with the crack softwa

Smart home is the main trend. 360 has announced that it will invest 10 billion to build an open ecosystem of smart home, support more than 100 smart home businesses, and provide cloud services, user traffic, product technology support, marketing platform

Author: public number 7: new source bed technology (ID:new4life) Tesla boss and CEO eilon musk, · can be regarded as the real iron man &rsquo ‘! The laughing and Obama go ZAKER, personalized recommendation and hot news, the local authority of

Recently, an article from, a famous American Q & a website, suddenly caught fire. It was not only transported by the mainstream media in the US, but also read by millions of overseas netizens and praised by nearly ten thousand points. So, this i

According to foreign media reports, although there are several years away from the Olympic Games in Tokyo, but if you want to go to Tokyo to watch the 2020 match, then one thing is not to worry about -- carrying heavy luggage. The day before, a Tokyo offi

When was the last time to use cash? I forgot all about it. Alipay WeChat is not to go out, feel how a mobile phone is enough, who also take cash? Even the bus no coins! After getting used to the Internet payment, Toni really didn't hear the money for a lo

Like, alarm clock, calculator, telephone and digital camera this special function of single equipment will be replaced, like the traditional mobile phone smart toothbrush, brooms and other tools will be the life of electric toothbrush, mechanized sweeping

PS4 has sold 70 million units, and PSVR has reached 2 million units. SONY announced that PlayStation 4 has reached a new milestone, and sold more than 70 million units worldwide. This makes PlayStation 4 sales - ZAKER, personalized recommendation of popul

When was the last time to use cash? I forgot all about it. Alipay WeChat is not to go out, feel how a mobile phone is enough, who also take cash? Even the bus no coins! After getting used to the Internet payment, Toni really didn't hear the money for a lo

Every year from December 4th to 10, it is called "Computer Science Education Week". In Apple Store all over the world, thousands of free Hour of Code activities are set up at this time of year. "Programming 1 - ZAKER, personalized recommendation of popula

At the end of the year, the large and small meetings of the scientific and technological circles began to blowout. After attending a lot of Artificial Intelligence Conference, I found a standard routine: ask AI AI summit poster will host the opening when

Lei Feng network according to: machine automation, intelligent replacement of artificial, not only in the traditional heavy industry, but now it has quietly entered the clothing industry. Adidas is one of them. The company recently launched new stores and

[Tencent science and technology editor's note] this week's magazine "connect" magazine unveiled Adidas's headquarters park in Germany, and the latest speed plant full of technological elements. Including speed factories, Adidas is trying to try a variety

The furthest distance in the world is that some people have not finished the shopping cart yet, and some have received the goods. In 2017, double eleven, the big business platform sales of high innovation, buying and buying patterns of sequelae gradually

In a previous article, I mentioned a slight disdain for the so-called world's first robot citizen, Sophia, and some friends asked me why. In fact, the answer is simple. This product is not the first day to come out to play. Multi evidence has proved that

Sweeping robot, washing and drying machine, dishwasher, home appliances become the new big three come from the beginning of the last century in 70s, people living in such a big three common argument that often represents the direction of consumption. The

In November 30th, Meitu Xiu Xiu officially launched the world's first artificial intelligence for painting products - painting robot Andy. The Meitu Xiu Xiu and Angelababy depth cooperation, specifically for the new version of the Angelababy custom illust

Recently, the Internet is a jump on their boxes, flip a smooth landing robot scraper, the robot, called Atlas, is the Boston power company's new products. From a few years ago do not kick machine dog to flip Atlas, this often shocked the world - Boss ZAKE

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