Maori (left) receives a certificate of merit (Daily News) Recently, a 17-year-old Japanese high school student went to school by tram and saw someone sick in the same car and vomiting. The high school student immediately took off his clean shirt to wipe the vomit and said Don't want society to turn a blind eye to everything. The move was awarded by the railway company

Lizi Netease Entertainment reported on December 31. On December 31, Lizi shared a beautiful photo on his personal Weibo with a text: Even with a lot of perseverance, welcome the new year with a good mood. Li Zi in the photo looks very happy.

Li Yifeng and mother Netease reported on December 31. December 31 is Li Yifeng's mother's birthday. Li Yifeng clicked to post a message to celebrate the birth of her mother, accompanied by a selfie with her mother. He wrote Happy Birthday, girls are often there. Very attentive. Li Yifeng cut short hair in the photo because

Netease Entertainment reported on December 28. Recently, some netizens exposed a group of recent photos of Lin update, in the photo, Lin update wearing a black shirt with black trousers handsome full score, fresh hairstyle tough. Many people surrounded the scene to watch Lin updates. When Lin updates passed, a few men on the side looked straight and looked super funny.

Lucas (source: The Daily Mail) Overseas Network December 26. Recently, a 10-year-old boy from New Zealand, Lucas, was suddenly stopped while preparing to board at Johannesburg Airport, South Africa because of work The officer thinks the boy's shirt violates the airport's policy and is worried about the picture above

Tiger flutter December 25. Paris Saint-Germain striker Neymar paired a colorful shirt with an orange-yellow turban while partying in Brazil on Monday. Different from his usual fashion dress, he paired skinny flared pants with turquoise shoes. Year 27

On December 23, a group of high-resolution photos of Dong Qing participating in the program was exposed online. In the photo, Dong Qing wore a green shirt with overalls. The neutral style dress could not stop the high-value, tough and elegant yet elegant, beautiful and elegant, full of air, showing the unique charm of women in the workplace. Available from HD picture

Fei Xiang, who is known as the male goddess, finally returned after many years of fading out of the screen. In the "Fengshen Trilogy" starred by him, Yin Yingwang immediately appeared on the hot search, and there were three appearances of King Wang in the preview. : With the queen prince appeared at the ceremony, giving a glass of wine to the filial piety of the filial pie, and his self

It happened to rain on the day of shooting, and came in wearing a black casual outfit with a quibble in, and a pair of black headphones standard on the neck hung on the neck, a cool look and the soft and sensible Xiao Jiangmiao in the movie "Heroes of Fire" It's a little different. But when it comes to acting, 5 years of age, he obviously already has a role in the role

Duoduo Piano Netease reported on December 16 On the evening of December 15, Sun Li uploaded a video of Duoduo Piano via Weibo, and the article said: Ha! In the video, Dodo was wearing a white shirt and khaki pleated skirt, with short hair, sitting quietly in front of the piano, playing "

Disaster leads east. A mysterious phenomenon appeared on Twitter this week: a large wave of netizens sent all kinds of weird pictures, but the text was uniform. I want this on a shirt (I want a shirt like this ). This is not a group performance art,

Pan Yueming Netease Entertainment reported on December 3rd. On the evening of December 2nd, Pan Yueming celebrated his 1974 Weibo via Weibo. He pressed the funny pictures on the bottom of the box, and wrote an essay: 1974 Weibo. Good luck to everyone! It is reported that 1974 also

According to the news Knews reported on November 24th, Mr. Shu's child was studying in the first year of the Yuzhang Teachers College in Nanchang County. When the school started in September, the school charged 900 yuan for school uniforms. Pay a sum of money. Student parent Mr. Shu said, "Then now

School uniforms received 2300 parents complained about the burden of the school: Others are wearing you do not wear? Mr. Shu’s child was in the first day of the Yuzhang Teachers’ School in Nanchang County. When he first started school in September, the school received a school uniform fee of 900 yuan. Now he asks the parents to make another payment. Student parent Shu said

Liu Xuan was wearing leather handsome recently, Liu Xuan for a magazine shoot a large group of fashion, she is not only

Wang Kai NetEase entertainment July 27th reported at noon on the 27 day, Wang Kai broker

Shen Mengchen shirt dress Strapless with NetEase entertainment reported in May 31st since "

Shen Mengchen shirt dress Strapless with NetEase entertainment reported in May 31st since "

2016LPL summer season is in full swing, the twelve top teams

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