Taiwan media reported on November 13th, the search for the lost of the mirage 2000 fighters with the latest progress of the Taiwan Air Force said on the 12, after repeated search, the navy has been gradually mastered, could signal the crash of mirage 2000

In October 24, according to foreign media reports, local time 23, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff Joseph • Deng Fude revealed before us forces in Niger were ambushed a details, he said on the U.S. special forces in the face of the enemy in an h

16 astronomers announced the first direct detection of gravitational waves generated by double neutron stars merging and their accompanying electromagnetic signals. This is the first time in human history to achieve the gravitational wave of multi messeng

According to the "Daily Mail" reported that recently, the two thieves in London in 60 seconds using a special device to break the security system, stole a car worth 50 thousand pounds (430 thousand yuan) of the BMW car. The incident is one of the four rec

GPS satellite positioning technology is no stranger to people, at present, people use mobile phone positioning technology, that is, from GPS. This began large-scale use of positioning technology from the last century in 90s, in the civilian level precisio

Every day to be confused, unsuspectingly, led by diffident appearance as everyone knows, the other is for you don't trust, you may not know. If these circumstances occur, it is likely that the leader is not very cold to you, and nine out of ten are not ve

This article by the workplace practical psychology (ID: zhichang365) original, reproduced, please contact authorized. The experience of psychological view of skills in the workplace, sometimes, you really will be reused or be left, really just this occurr

The traffic lights of this great invention ensures our daily traffic environment, so the major crossroads will not cook into a gruel. In addition, the punishment of 2017 SGX regulations and red light on a grade, deducted six points. It means going back to

Data figure: the Arecibo Observatory (Arecibo Observatory). Source: The Associated Press in July 19, according to foreign media reported that 18 Puerto Rican scientists announced they found a period, from about 11 light-years from earth outside the ZAKER,

Parenting knowledge time: 2017-03-22 09:09:00 said: click rate of preschool education, if the child is not good at expressing their emotions, parents need to be patient guidance, should also be given time to slowly speak of inner feelings, this time paren

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