Good evening Thursday. This is the 98th issue of Silicon Valley Telescope by ZAKER Technology. Knowing you without collecting data, how did Siri do it? The tech giant is using privacy-preserving

Recently, a weather forecast host of the BBC in the UK triggered Siri on the watch by mistake during the broadcast. As a result, as soon as the host said that it would snow, the watch would say: The weather forecast showed no snow. At the time, host Tomasz Schaferna

Recently, Apple's voice assistant Siri made a splash on a BBC weather forecast show. It suddenly made a sound and contradicted the meteorologist's conclusion. Meteorologist Tomasz Schafernaker was reportedly wearing the Apple W

Editor's note: In the newly updated iOS 13 system, the UI design of Apple CarPlay has also changed a lot. At the same time, new applications and features have been added, which can be regarded as CarPlay's largest "self leap" so far. For many users

Let's say every day that artificial intelligence voice assistants are artificially retarded. In fact, it's no wonder that Siri, for example, seems to be of little use except for setting alarm clocks, checking the weather, and finding encyclopedias. However, I do n’t know if anyone has thought about it, if one day Siri evolves, it will not only understand you

Everyone should have seen or heard of the movie "She" ("Her")? This film tells the story of the male owner and the artificial intelligence assistant Samantha. The actor (sound) starring Samantha is the dream of countless boys: Scarlett Johansson. (Figure

Okay, the melon of the Thai royal family is coming~ Don't ask me why I am updating now. I tell the story more casually. Whoever I want to write, who just remembered the Thai royal family today, talked to you about this old. Melon. In fact, the Thai side is still quite strange, the royal family has been kept until now, just link

iOS 13.2 is accompanied by AirPods Pro, which appeared quietly last night. It also represents the deep Fusion features that many iOS users expect to be installed! The principle of Deep Fusion is to synthesize multiple photos when you press

Apple really can't guess. I always thought that Apple would open a press conference in October, and the sister thought of this year's low-key. In the middle of the night released a new heavyweight - AirPods Pro, also brought iOS 13.2. From the official release of iOS 13 to today's iOS

Earlier, Apple was exposed to record the conversations between some users and the voice intelligence assistant Siri and send them to the outsourcer for manual analysis. In the latest system update, iOS 13.2 still uses manual review. People who use Apple's mobile phones should be familiar with Siri's function

If you have an iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro series, please note that iOS 13.2 has finally been officially released, allowing you to enjoy Apple's high-level "crazy science of computer computing camera technology" and "Deep Fusion". This is used to fight

A four year old boy named Roman has been on fire outside the Internet because he saved his mother's life by using Siri. Apple CEO Cook, who is often concerned about current affairs, naturally saw the news, and he praised the boy for his praise. Cook said

Last year at the Google conference, stunning debut of Google Assistant, and finally finally landed Google Pixel outside the Android phone. Google Assistant how intelligent? Look - ZAKER, personalized recommendation popular news, local authoritative media

In the upcoming update iOS 10.3, Siri to support the Shanghai dialect, plus Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwan Mandarin, Siri support for the Chinese language on up to four kinds of. If you count, the number of people who speak Shanghai may speak more than a sma

In the competition in the field of intelligent voice assistant, Siri holds an advantage, it is the localization. It is reported that Siri supports 24 languages in 36 countries. In contrast, Google's intelligent voice assistant only master 5 languages, and

Do not think that Valentine's Day is a good day to hand, in fact, Valentine's day caused by the breakup of the number is much higher than the number of hand. Cough, is said to have done a survey of experts specially (the expert is really enough boring), V

Do not think that Valentine's Day is a good day to hand, in fact, Valentine's day caused by the breakup of the number is much higher than the number of hand. Cough, is said to have done a survey of experts specially (the expert is really enough boring), V

This unique wireless headset can solve the trouble apple made on iPhone7?

Step 1: first click on the iPhone7 desktop to open the "Settings" - "Siri" as shown in figure. The second step: in the open Siri settings

At present, although Apple's voice assistant Siri and users in the dialogue is still unable to answer some difficult and complex problems, but in some areas it has a very good performance, many users are more and more love to do some operation by Siri, su

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