Ke matchmaking club chairman and slippers factory boss Li Tai zhen. [Abstract] Jiangsu Haimen, here is not Chinese soccer city. In the early July, in the Urban Development Zone

According to Li Min, Lin Fang on the night of July 11th, from 6 pm to 12 am to 6 points, will Xiaomei also brought to the restaurant. 14 PM, a relative of the matter, issued a heavy sigh, in order to make a pair of slippers......" Sad sigh, some relatives

Levay Gyorgy had lost a pair of five years ago because of meningitis.

Ke matchmaking club was set up in Jiangsu Nantong Haimen in May 2011, to support the club is actually a slipper factory.

Today, there are people broke the news at noon in Hangzhou, said the Golden Dawn of the north entrance of the north gate of the business together

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