Xiaolei found another thing today. Of course, it’s not that the pork has suddenly dropped its price, nor is it that Xiaolei has become handsome again these days. Everyone thinks carefully, it is impossible to cut the price of pork, and Xiaolei is not getting handsome every day. This is a small matter that should be taken care of. How can it be said to come out? Ok, don’t guess, it’s...

Text / Yang Jie Zhou Xiaoqi Editor / On the eve of the single double eleventh, Chen Tian did not immerse himself in the joy of the National Shopping Carnival. Chen Tian, ​​who started to pay for the face payment machine in the first half of this year, thought that he would make a wave of double eleven, but he did not want it. A few days ago, he walked into a small supermarket

Copying a network anchor with AI, 1 billion wool builds a small program ecology, this is the new action webcast of Tiger Tooth AI. It is not just an anchor singing and dancing game. It is so simple that AI technology is infiltrating into the production of live content. . Live in Tiger's tooth

Two years ago, WeChat first launched a small program. After the WeChat game broke the silence period of more than a year, Internet platforms such as Ali, Baidu and Word Hop began to bet. But small programs are not only standard for large factories, but also used by more and more small platforms. November 7th, hosted by the game live platform Tiger Tooth

Internet entrepreneurship = burning money. This is the first impression most people have on Internet companies, and burning money seems to have become an inevitable part of the Internet entrepreneurship process. In the past few years, such as the United States Mission, Didi, Mobai; in recent years, such as a lot of more, Ruixun coffee, all rely on burning money to occupy a certain market

Amazon, which impacts the service industry, Wang Xing needs small programs to complement the ability. Tech Planet (WeChat ID: tech618) Text | Yangye 擘头图 | IC photo After 1 year in the WeChat applet, when the US group APP is online, News

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