On January 2, the Supreme People's Court issued its opinion on further strengthening the concept of good faith and civilized execution in the enforcement work, while protecting the lawful rights and interests of the successful litigants in accordance with the law, and minimizing the impact on the rights and interests of the executed. The reporter takes you to understand the relevant rights...

Securities Law Amendment Draft Passed March 1 Next year The Securities Times reporter was informed that the 15th meeting of the 13th National People's Congress Standing Committee reviewed and passed the newly revised securities law, and the revised securities law will take effect on March 1 next year. Newly amended securities law

More than a month ago, the Zhengzhou Municipal People's Court issued a judgment of 85,000 words. Many of the 108 defendants are post-95s. Most of these post-95s are students of Zhengzhou Commercial College. In 2017, they entered the campus through campus recruitment or recommendation by the school.

* ST Huaye finally failed to escape the delisting! Before the exchange made a decision, * ST Huaye, which had touched the delisting rules of face value, had wanted to do one final blow: applying for an exemption from delisting, although it seemed unlikely to many. On December 4th, the Shanghai Stock Exchange decided * ST Huaye to delist, but in the end it failed

Guiding statements or major omissions. Special reminders: 1. As of now, the company has not hired a chief financial officer and an auditing agency, and there is a risk that the 2019 annual report cannot be disclosed within the statutory period. According to relevant regulations, the listed company has not disclosed the year within two months from the expiration of the statutory disclosure period.

Humanoid Koi! Unemployed uncles spent 600 million yen on sports lottery and made 500 million in stocks. Recently, a Japanese program focused on an uncle who had won 600 million yen in sports lottery in 2008. If converted at the current exchange rate, it is about 38.66 million yuan. This koi

Modern Express News (Reporter Yan Junchen) Xiaowu (Human name), a student who lives in Nantong, accidentally touched a stock teacher's lecture live room during the summer vacation. It is easy to make money by investing in investment futures. Xiaowu and his mother sell the property and borrow money. More than 2.5 million to buy futures products

Beautiful 50 has fallen too! Retail investors busy selling, foreign investment is hunting, this wave of blue chip market is not the end? Wu Mengdi Xu Wei did not wait for global consumers to enjoy black Friday, A shares ushered in a black Thursday. Guizho

This article is a collection of 360 works by Christine Fan, the founder of Jiang's works. It only represents the author's personal views, does not represent the official position of the 360, reprint please contact the author's authorization. Over the year

(this article published in the "China Economic Weekly" in 2017 forty-fourth) since August this year, Moutai people marveled at the price of wine and stock the happy couple, their performance can be attributed to one word: cattle. In August 14th, Kweichow

I three times daily: today, how much? How much did the investment make? How far is the goal of changing the two suite? This is a lot of child his parents everyday as people know that the earth over the past thirty years, to the rich, fewer children to buy

Flower Street - author | Lin Mo produced reference this paper is purely fictitious and any similarity Oh art always comes from life. The 1 night, falling down. Fall in the school district room, landed in the pub; fell on the knife, also landed in the leek

How many investable assets do you have? 100 thousand? 200 thousand? 1 million? If you can invest assets between 600 thousand -600 million, Congratulations, you have been included in the Chinese public affluent class. Recently, the joint stock exchange and

The blue whale's media information center under the fund industry. First-hand information, reporting on major policy, the depth of analysis. 100 public fund, 20000 private equity fund intelligence gathering. Backed by 150 media resources, there are nearly

1) hard currency such as gold: the most conservative financial management, or not financial management at all, can only be called collection of money. Buying gold itself doesn't add value, it can only be called hedging. 2) bank deposits: conservative fina

There was a big event in the financial market yesterday. According to WeChat, the public Knight Island (ID:xiake_island) September 6th news, the central bank, the joint CBRC, CSRC and CIRC, and network information office, the State Administration for Indu

The reduction of executives of listed companies is commonplace, executives are often all kinds of reasons given by. In addition to personal capital needs, turnover or personal financial arrangements, in order to improve the life of this formula answer, th

A recent study by Credit Suisse found that there were only one of the largest buyers of US stocks since the financial crisis - a listed company that has launched a buyback program. According to Credit Suisse strategist Andrew Garthwaite, since 2009, U.S.

The sina finance opinion leader (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Hu Hao most junk stocks will inevitably go into the way of stock trading is becoming more and more light, more and more low valuation, the size of the non smart will exhaust all the skill

How valuable is bitcoin? Initially, 1 bitcoins can only be exchanged for about 0.005 yuan. In the past 1 years, bitcoin has risen by 267%; in the past 2 years it has risen by 740%; in the past 4 years it has risen by 113.3 times. In this year's 6 - ZAKER,

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