IT House January 5 News Earlier, it was reported that "Metro: Redux" will land on the Nintendo Switch platform, and related games have also appeared in European rating agencies to obtain 18+ ratings. It is worth noting that Russia has two games zero

New Express News reporter He Shengting reported that while Guangzhou Metro Line 3 was crowded during the late rush hour, Xu, born in 1991, forcibly molested a girl Xiaoji (pseudonym) for 30 minutes, first touching the other's hip with his hand, and then using his body to push Squeezed to the side of the door to make it impossible to escape, and forced my hand into the skirt

Titanium Media Note: This article comes from Tencent News Guyu Lab x OFPiX, photography and text 丨 Zhao Tianyi, Zeng Ke, editor 丨 Zhao Tianyi, Titanium Media is authorized to publish. Xierqi people tell stories about the surging people in the subway. Such a picture builds my impression of Xierqi, but as a picture

After 90s, the man was so mad when riding the subway that he forcibly molested female passengers for 30 minutes. Recently, the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court made a final judgment on this awful indecent incident, and the man Xu Mouyang was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in prison. Forcibly molested female passengers for half an hour at night

VG chat room has been registered on each major FM platform, this program link: Himalayan FM | Litchi | Listening | B Station | Netease Cloud Music | QQ Music | "Subway: Leaving Home" hits people's hearts,

Photography and writing 丨 Zhao Tianyi Zeng Ke Editing 丨 Zhao Tianyi produced 丨 Tencent News Gu Yu x OFPiX Gu Yu planned the "Five Rings Youth" of "2019 Life Transition" at the end of the year and entered the fifth stop-Xi Erqi. Everyone feels in the streets here, between clusters of new buildings and huge buildings.

2019 is about to pass. In this year, there may have been sadness and tears, but there is always unexpected warmth, which makes people cry. This world is not perfect, but there is always someone, some people will appear in your life, let us always believe that this world will get better and better. This year, thank you for your attention

Recently, a netizen @ 漉 有 posted a video on Weibo that sparked a heated discussion on the Internet. On the evening of December 24th, the bus line of Shanghai ’s subway line was in front of the netizen. A blind man was holding a guide dog waiting for the train At this time, a man in a hat suddenly approached the guide dog and kept picking

The reporter learned from the Shenzhen Metro Group that in order to meet the different needs of different passengers for subway travel as much as possible, and further enhance the user-friendly operation and service details, Shenzhen Metro will start on December 29 to test different temperature modes of the same car on Metro Line 7. . By then, Line 7 will be in full line

Not doing homework, mother and child filial piety, as soon as homework is done, chickens and dogs jump, this is no longer a joke, but a real portrait of many parents counseling their children. At about 9 o'clock in the evening on December 21st, at Metro Line 11 Longde Road Station, another little girl was left at the subway station. Monitoring screen display, late

In Boston, the United States, a number of new subway trains made in China were officially put into operation in August this year. So what has been going on for Boston citizens these past few months? No, American guy Jerry Kowal made a special trip to the Boston Orange Line subway station and did a

Ma Yuping | Author Bingdian Weekly (ID: bingdianweekly) | Source Vision China | Image Source Meng Xia | Edit Run! There are no seats without running. September 28, 2014, Beijing Metro Line 4 Tiangongyuan Station

The Epic Mall debuted at the TGA 2018 awards ceremony, a year ago. Epic unveiled its first trailer, announcing several exclusive indie games. Although the sales of these games are not bad, they are not attractive enough for most people, and most of them

Goodbye, former landmark! The Shuanghe Pharmaceutical Building on Furong Middle Road was successfully blasted at 1:18 am on December 23, and the Shuanghe Pharmaceutical Building on Furong Middle Road in Changsha was successfully demolished. The 67.8-meter building took only 9.8 seconds from the first explosion to collapse. It is understood that this is the lake

At 21:36 on December 21, a collapse occurred 100 meters south of the intersection of Wanjiali Road and Changsha Avenue. After the incident, the relevant units coordinated and immediately launched an emergency plan, organized rescue and repairs overnight, did a good job of traffic diversion, and conducted investigations on surrounding communities and underground pipelines; expert groups

So big, so pretty! On December 20th, Guangzhou Metro Line 21 was officially opened. Tianhe Park Station was praised for its super high value. It was a screen circle of friends and became a new check-in point for citizens. The information desk at Tianhe Park Station is large and beautiful. People check in to take pictures. Tianhe Park Station is Guangzhou Metro Line 11.

IT House News on December 20 According to official information from the Quartet of Quartet, on December 17, China's next-generation subway train project successfully passed the acceptance of the expert group. This indicates that China has made the latest technological achievements in the field of subway trains. According to reports, the next generation of subway trains

According to the official Weibo news from the Public Transport Branch of the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau, at 13:00 on December 17, a Weibo netizen posted a blog post with a video showing that a man in the uniform of a security officer candid a female inside a subway train carriage Passenger privacy. After receiving the report, the Guangzhou Public Transport Police quickly launched a check

On December 16, in Wuhan, Hubei, a young man was caught in a fierce scolding battle while riding a subway. The young man looked awkward. Eventually the guy couldn't bear it, got up and chose to leave the scolding battle. Netizen: He may never want to take the subway again. (Editor Chen Haijing)

Someone has lost money, some people have lost their mobile phone, but this aunt has lost his wife's ashes! On the side of Aunt Wang, who was so anxious to pick up the passengers, she took it home as a delicious puppet ... and went back to Shanghai to settle her wife's ashes on the evening of December 10, and settled in Japan for a long time. , Back on

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