Modern Express News (correspondent also 见 trainee reporter Cao Feng) for many days, the cabbage in the villagers' homes was stolen. The reporter of the modern express newspaper learned that on November 18, the police station of the Yiling Center police station in Jiangdu District of Yangzhou City arrested the suspect. The reason he stole food was astounding. △ Villagers bring policemen

At 1 o'clock in the morning, Xu Ding'an police reported a case at around 18 o'clock on November 19th. On the street of Yanjiang Second Road in Dingcheng Township, Ding'an County, a man's feet were cut off. After receiving the alarm from the masses, Ding'an police rushed to the scene at the first time and actively contacted 120 to rush to the scene to save people and quickly

For forensics, the impression of most people is that weirdo. Awesome geeks. The classic point is to count Song Ci in the "Song of the Song Dynasty". Read the skull as a bedtime book and decorate the human bones as a bedroom. Calling a wife to vomit is to love more people than to live. Most people have an impression of a forensic doctor. These keywords are indispensable -

Surveillance is a weapon to fight a variety of criminal behaviors. A thief can sneak a probe to monitor the thief and monitor the contest. Who wins? Recently, the monitoring probe of a factory in Changshu was stolen from the factory and the police of the Hongqiao Police Station of Changshu Public Security Bureau immediately went to the scene to dispose of the police detection probe.

Recently, the Nanchang Railway Police suddenly received a report from Mr. Zhang, a passenger on the G1394 train, claiming that one of his black suitcases was lost. There are more than 300 pieces of jade articles worth more than RMB 300,000. Due to the large value of the case, the Nanchang Railway Public Security Bureau quickly set up a task force.

On October 11th, a theft occurred in Mr. Zhu’s home in Wujiang, Suzhou: he and his wife went home for more than an hour and went home. The safe fixed on the bedroom wall was gone, and it contained a lot of jewelry and cash. The value is more than 300,000 yuan. Who was the safe stolen? Go out

Who is Mei Lan? Does Mei Long really exist? The three versions of Mei Lan's portraits are true and false? Here is the answer! Official release Mei Lan portrait According to the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau Mei Lan Who is it? Mei Lan, whose real name is unknown and whose age is unknown. She walked into the public eye and wanted to

[Global Network Reporter Hou Jiaxin] According to CNN, a shooting incident broke out at a family gathering in Fresno, California, on the evening of November 17, local time: a suspect was present. The crowd shot and killed 4 people

The Weixin County Public Security Bureau of Bengbu City, Anhui Province issued a notice on November 18th that at 8 o'clock on the 13th of November, a naked female body was found in the South Machine Well of Xilou Village, Baoji Town, Huaiyuan County, and was investigated and killed. . The report said that the deceased was a resident of Longyu Town, Huaiyuan County, Wei Moumou (5

Shanxi Province Yuncheng Public Security Bureau Tuen Mun Branch issued a reward notice that caused a lot of attention. In the notice, a reward of 100,000 yuan was collected for the three valid fugitives of Hao Yiyun, Chai Baojun and Jie Liping. Among them, the 51-year-old female suspect suspected of murder, Jie Liping, became popular due to Gao Yan’s accident.

A veritable incident occurred on the 12th in Aomori Prefecture, Japan: a 14-year-old middle school boy escaped after cutting a throat of a primary school girl with a sharp weapon on the way to school. According to Japanese media reports, the girl has been taken to the hospital and there is no life threatening, and the middle school student was arrested by the local police for attempted murder....

At about 16 o'clock on November 4, Ms. Liang was on her way home. When she reached the stairs, she found a strange man coming out of her house. Ms. Liang went up to ask and took advantage of the situation. The man quickly broke free and fled the scene. Ms. Liang entered the house and found that the belongings, watches and other belongings were stolen and tired.

Kyoto Animation First Studio on July 18, a man-made arson tragedy Netease Entertainment reported on November 9th According to Japanese media reports on the 8th, the suspect of the Jingani arson case, Aoba Shinji, has returned to a state of physicality that allows for brief conversations. The police also asked him on the 8th.

Nantong Rudong girl Xiaoyan (a pseudonym) is 12 years old and enjoys singing and dancing. After encountering the so-called online scouts, Xiao Yan thought that the star dream is expected to come true, but who knows that it has fallen into the scam of the best. The outstanding small singer can sing and dance from childhood, dreaming of becoming a star. one day

Modern Express News (correspondent Zhao Zhou reporter Mao Xiaohua) was walking on the road in the middle of the night, suddenly dragged by a drunken man to the nearby woods, Taizhou Hailing girl Xiaoli (a pseudonym) had a scene of shock. Fortunately, Xiaoli was in a hurry, and the man kicked in the lower body and then called for help. Modern Express reporter won

On November 6th, a video of a man hitting the street in the Yexian County of Henan Province caused concern. The police responded that the incident was a case of intentional injury caused by a parking dispute and that the man was at large. The old family member said that the old man is a retired teacher in his 60s. Because he discouraged men from parking and blocking the way out of the community,

Recently, Nanjing Qinhuai Police in Jiangsu Province detected a major case of stealing personal privacy information using mobile undercover software in the net 2019 operation. More than 60,000 victims across the country were monitored and tracked by this illegal software every day, but they were not aware of it. July 2019

Guess what is the material on my body? ? ? ? Your girlfriend's material, haha ​​~ In this case, from a beautiful girl, can a single boy resist? Recently, a young man from Yuhang talked about a girlfriend online. The results have not seen the above, lost more than 40,000 yuan. Home stay

The drunken fight was sprayed with pepper water, crying and crying and fainted... I couldn’t sit on the chair, and I planted it on the ground. The little brother next to me said: Sorry, I can’t help it! In addition to all kinds of impromptu performances in the house, and casually stumbling on the side of the road, I am really not doing any performance art... this big brother

Many people are telling whether wine is true or not, usually from wine bottles, trademarks, and wine covers, but even if these things are true, wine is not necessarily a genuine wine. Recently, Guangdong Zhongshan Police disclosed a recent crackdown on the sale and sale of fake wine, and seized a number of fake wines worth more than 17 million yuan. ——

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