A few days ago, a bizarre theft of express delivery occurred in Luqiao District, Taizhou City, which is different from the previous one where two express delivery was stolen. This time, the thief ransacked all the parcels in the entire carriage of the express delivery car. Accident & amp; hellip; & amp; hellip;

The ancient Yellow River in the front and the graveyard in the rear are poplar groves common in rural areas on the left and right. This is an extremely remote area, but it has been lively recently. There are constant luxury cars in and out, and the lights are bright at night, and hissing shouts are heard from time to time: Hurry, hurry up! What kind of place is this?

A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily learned on December 29 from the staff of the Forest Public Security System of Harbin, Heilongjiang that recently, the county knocked down a wild goods store that illegally sold wild animals and seized 4 bear paws, 1 bear bile and two dead eagles. Dozens of wild animals or their remains inside. Insider

A 10-square-meter cottage covered the window with a black cloth and entered the house. I saw the sewage flowing, the smell of pungent potions rushing towards the face, and dozens of large water tanks filled with bean sprouts, most of which had no roots. Very white, with bleach and AB powder in the room. No disinfection, isolation facilities, outside the house

Many people have become popular through the webcast platform. Some of them are funny and some are versatile. Now, some people have targeted this channel, and they have created a live-only software for men only.

Some people are addicted to online games, and some are addicted to live broadcasts. Although the types of addiction are different, once they get stuck and cannot extricate themselves, the results are often not good. Recently, there was a man in Jingzhou, Hubei. Because he was hooked on a female anchor Wang, she transferred millions for her within 4 months. Can make men

The weather is getting colder and colder, and hot dog meat hot pots are beginning to sell, and some criminals have also identified business opportunities, and the number of drug dog incidents has also increased. Recently, the Zhangjiagang police received a public alarm: On the roadside of Fengdong Community, Dongzhuang Road, Fenghuang Town, someone rode an electric vehicle with a crossbow and...

Recently, the Wenzhou police cracked the case of illegally controlling home cameras and controlling 32 suspects. Police introduced that criminals illegally sold a company's brand APP cracking tool and used the APP cracking tool to scan others' cameras to control hundreds of thousands of home cameras. The picture shows the police

[Global Times Special Correspondent Zhao Dong in Germany] This is almost like the plot in a horror movie! Deutsche News Agency reported on the 23rd that police in the small German city of Recklinghausen last Friday found it accidentally in the closet of a child suspect's home. A 15-year-old missing for more than two years. The current male

[Global Times Special Correspondent Zhao Dong in Germany] This is almost like the plot in a horror movie! Deutsche News Agency reported on the 23rd that police in the small German city of Recklinghausen last Friday found it accidentally in the closet of a child suspect's home. A 15-year-old missing for more than two years. The current male

Our reporter Xiangxi News On December 23, the reporter learned from the Fenghuang County Public Security Bureau that recently, the Fenghuang County Public Security Bureau successfully cracked a burglary case, arrested four suspects of cross-regional crimes, and recovered more than 30,000 for the victims in the area. yuan. On December 1, a citizen of Fenghuang County

Recently, crimes occurred frequently near Jinjie in Tianjin's Binhai New District. Police checked and monitored that a woman entered the police's sight. However, the motive of the woman's crime surprised police. On October 10, 2019, the public reported that a theft occurred in a shopping mall in Jinjie, Binhai New District.

Claiming to be a national worker who can help others, in fact, they are deceiving trust to implement fraud. In late November of this year, Feixi resident Wang Moumou came to the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Public Security Bureau of Feixi County to call the police, saying that his elder brother Wang was deceived by a total amount of more than 14 million yuan! This number surprised the...

According to the British "Guardian", on December 19 local time, Brazilian police said that the country had a shocking murder in the slums of the state of Bahia: a gang leader's mother cancelled an order for a ride on the Internet, and the gang intentionally Revenge, deliberately called a car to the slums, tortured the driver, a total of 4

According to a news report, Cui Mou, 35, knew that his wife had an improper relationship with others. So recently, Cui Mou held a knife against Gao Mou on the Da Pang Road in Xushui District, Baoding City, Hebei Province. The man whose wife had an improper relationship carried out several stings, causing Gao to die. Hebei people after the case

Using gay dating as a bait, the gang members cooperated to set up a trap & amp; hellip; & amp; hellip; On December 13, the police in Gaoping City announced that this involved the online telecommunications fraud of more than 300 men across the country and the amount involved was over 1,000

Xiaoli, who works in Jiangbei, Chongqing, reported that she was cheated by her boyfriend by 600,000 online. The police involved in the investigation and found that Xiaoli's boyfriend was not someone else, but her own good girlfriend Xiaojia. Two years ago, Xiaoli and Xiaojia both worked in the same company. With this level of colleague relationship, and the frequent exchanges between them, two

The suspect said that the QQ group must set up verification information to verify its identity before it can pass into the group. We didn't have much hope at first, because everyone was deceived only a few hundred yuan. I didn't expect that your small police case was not trivial, not only solved the case in time but also recovered our losses. 2019 12

Yesterday (December 12), the Guangxi Northwest Procuratorate notified a grassland gang rape case that had shocked the society. The report stated that the eighth suspect arrived eight years after his escape and has now been transferred to the prosecutor. Today (December 13), a reporter from the Beijing News learned from the Beiliu Public Security Bureau that 2

On a rainy night 11 years ago, a Geely sedan stopped on a dark roadside without stopping the fire, and the driver's throat was pierced with a sharp weapon. Liuhe Police set up a task force to extract the suspect's leftovers and biological samples on the spot, but the case was at an impasse due to immature technical conditions at the time.

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