IT House January 5 News Earlier, it was reported that "Metro: Redux" will land on the Nintendo Switch platform, and related games have also appeared in European rating agencies to obtain 18+ ratings. It is worth noting that Russia has two games zero

Children should quarrel for toys, which is believed to be a headache for many parents. Recently, a foreign father, tinglep, posted on Reddit that his two sons were arguing with Switch all day because he thought of a trick to persuade him.

Hideki Kamiya, a well-known game producer who has led the development of "Devil May Cry", "Great God", "Angel Witch", "Incarnation of Dragon Scales" and other works, has always been outspoken on social networks. Despite his extensive Nintendo platform development experience, he seems

The famous game producer Hideki Kamiya recently turned on the Tucao mode. He stated on his personal social account that the main menu page design of the Nintendo Switch system is extremely bad, it is just a shit. He mentioned that Switch's homepage had several huge game icons sideways

Recently, netizens found that GameStop's recent Switch game list will be released soon. Among them, there are more than a dozen SKU entries (Stock Keeping Unit) without specific work names. Most SKUs are also marked with NSW.

Hello everyone, this is Zheng Jing game, I am Zheng Jing boy. At the end of the year, a lot of netizens who got bonuses have aroused their minds. Some plan to use this money to go on vacations and there are plans to save the money. As a senior game enthusiast, I naturally want to invest money in the game. Everyone feels new.

Yesterday, the tubing blogger "あ き た" uploaded a video of the power-on sound of some previous game consoles and some of the main menu music produced by his own electric piano. The content covers most of the well-known home consoles and consoles from GameBoy to Switch. Power on sound, close your eyes to hear if you can

According to Famitsu ’s statistics, the game sales volume in Japan last week (12.16-12.22) has been announced. The sales volume of Pokémon Sword / Shield increased again in the sixth week after the release, and it topped the list of physical games in Japan with 288,000 sales. , The sales volume of this entity in Japan has exceeded

Published by Team 17, SVG and Devm Game's co-developed party game "Moving around" will be launched on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC platforms in 2020. The game supports Chinese. "Fooling Around" is

Towards the end of the new year, Famitsu Magazine interviewed 132 celebrities in the Japanese gaming industry and asked about their favorite games in 2019. Death Strand became the favorite game of the most gaming professionals. The "Dragon Quest" series is indeed a national game.

If someone bought this console named Nanica Smitch as a Christmas gift, I am afraid that the recipient will not be particularly happy. The shape and color of the cottage Switch are similar to the original, but the details of the buttons are still different, and the handle looks more sleek. Cottage factory

Good evening, all players and friends. The "Game Bus Daily Tour" will summarize the hot game information of the day for players and friends. Take a look at those things in today's information circle with us during your rest and off hours. "Dragon Ball Z: Card" "Carrot" opening animation blood remains the same! BNEI announces Dragon Ball Z

Bandai Nanmeng Entertainment in Taiwan announced today that the traditional Chinese version of "My Hero Academia Wee Justice 2" will be available on PS4 / Switch on March 12, 2020, and Xbox One / Steam on March 13. First special

The large-scale offline event "Jump Jump" Jump Festa 2020 is about to open. Level 5 brings us a preview video of the mech-themed game "Million-ton Musashi" displayed at the conference in advance. This game will be available on PS4 / Switch / iOS / A

At 2am today, Nintendo held a new indie game face-to-face Indie World. In this face-to-face meeting, Nintendo announced several independent games to be released on the Switch platform in 2020. Let's take a look. Your browser does not support this

At TGA 2019, the open-world shark simulation game "Eating Man Shark" brings its own new trailer. The game will be released on May 22, 2020. Let's take a look. Your browser does not support this video

On December 10, the National Bank Switch was officially launched for sale at 2099 yuan. The console comes with the "Super Mario Bros. U" trial version, and the full version is priced at 299 yuan. After the console was launched, many game media have issued hands-on and evaluation, comprehensive media information

Yesterday, an article posted by the social platform named "ね ね ち" (now deleted) became popular. The content was a personal blog post published last year. The author of the article was called Qili Xinyi. In the introduction page, Qili said that his annual income was 100 million yen, and he changed 40 in 25 years.

Bandai Namco released the promotional video of the DLC of "Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 blogger's road". The DLC will include two characters: the big tube peach type and the big tube gold type. Famous characters add blogger era costumes, DLC will be in 2020

According to foreign media reports, "Time" Weekly has recently released its top ten technology products that have been influential since 2010, of which Nintendo Switch was included in the list. Time magazine claims top Nintendo Switch concept

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