Teebee is a car designed for children's portable toy box, can be changed into three pallets, so that children can safely play toys in the car. Come and have a look at it! Mom and dad must drive and take their babies out for a lot of time, but sometimes th

As we all know, 2 in 1 devices and laptops are usually weak performance, especially graphics performance. To this end, ASUS on Thursday released a new generation of players national series external graphics box: ROG XG Station 2. According to ASUS introdu

Tencent digital news (Translation: a.) if the investigation which furniture is the most important thing for us, I believe most people the answer is the bed. Yes, we have a close to 1/3 of the time spent in bed, so there is a can make us comfortable sleepi

Market research agency IDC11 1, released a report that the three quarter of 2016, the global Tablet PC (including tablet PC with keyboard) shipments fell 14.7%, 43 million units, while the same period last year for 50 million 500 thousand units. Data show

Today, Samsung released the Tab A Galaxy 10.1 tablet, while with Pen S stylus, priced at $349.99 (about 2370 yuan), will be listed in the United States in October 28th. Gal - ZAKER, personalized recommendation popular news, local authority of the media in

According to the latest news, NOKIA's first Android Tablet PC N1 will be held in January 7th next year in the country's new conference, the official log in the domestic market. Prior to the elimination

Lei Feng net press: the author of this paper is less Neo, Zhejiang Institute of Central Control Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Lei Feng net press: the author of this paper is less Neo, Zhejiang Institute of Central Control Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Data forecast to 2018 Internet penetration will be more than 50%, when the world's 51% of the population will visit the Internet, the equivalent of 3 billion 820 million people, tablet PC growth rate and the past two years than the apparent slowdown.

Intel is planning to sell its McAfee, which it bought 6 years ago, is expected to sell

Britain "off Europe", do not look down on its impact on the global technology industry Tencent branch

NetEase technology news June 15th news, according to ZDNet reports, in the past 2 years, Apple's Tablet PC iPad sales are always in decline. Mobile analytics data provider Localytics in March compiled data show that Apple's sale of 40%iPad will be unable

Surface Tablet PC is not a great business for the entire Microsoft, but its avant-garde design and new experience of a new look, then to a large extent

Microsoft, millet today officially announced a deeper global partnership, work together in the mobile

Google in the hardware making this matter has been not very satisfactory, "revealed the side but the most

Before the soft pink circle Win10Mobile anniversary update has been reported to support Qualcomm snapdragon 830 processor, running memory / machine

Maybe, after really no longer have Nexus tablet.

Using Wi-Fi to surf the Internet has become a part of our life, especially

The exploitation of slaves occurred in labor you use the mobile phone reading at the moment. In the same space and time, there are

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