Not long ago, the twenty-second chicken wing competition was held in Philadelphia, USA. The winner of the tournament could get $7500 worth of rings and medals, plus 22 thousand dollars in bonuses. Click the picture to go to the next page subtitle. There a

According to the U.S. Trolltech news network reported on October 18th, Massachusetts (the Massachusetts) more recently suffering from wild turkey harassment. Local residents who have been harassed by turkeys have increased substantially since last year, a

[] who reported observation network in October 17th, the Russian Wahl international debate club held the fourteenth annual meeting, from China, Russia, Europe and the United States and the Middle East international relations experts to comment on the face

It will not be long before the American people will experience the speed of "made in China". According to Hongkong's "South China Morning Post" reported on October 17th, the first batch of Boston Orange Line subway cars made in China have been laid off in

This time, there is a new book by Hangzhou library and Ningbo library strongly recommended, is a popular book written after the 95 tyrants, called "heart reading star". This book is an introductory book written by Sun Bangzheng for astronomy lovers. It is

36 years ago, Chinese spring breeze of reform and opening up just like today, the car also travel from high-speed rail, aircraft so convenient Chinese towards the world is difficult, even in China to foreigners into domestic travel accommodation needs to

The United States, Washington times, the New York Times, and other media reports, the European countries to lift restrictions on technology exports to China topic is commonplace. Europe can not let go, but some analysts believe that the strength of the te

What is the date of the festival is Columbia? For? This holiday is the day? What are the Columbia dispute? With these questions, Xiaobian for everyone here to bring the United States of Columbia on the introduction, I hope to help everyone, now began to l

Which day is the American Labor Day? Why the U.S. Labor Day is September? These questions are clear to everyone? Xiaobian today with these questions to explain the origin of the complete labor day, we hope to help. Here is a small series together to learn

How about independence day in the United States? How do Americans spend their holidays? Knowing this will help your life or study in the United states. Today, Xiao Bian will take you together to understand what the United States Independence Day is like.

The United States veterans' Day is a holiday like? This day people have to go? What day is the date? With these questions, small as we explain in detail the relevant information of American veterans day, for everyone to share, we want to help. All festiva

CCTV news, 16, made in China by the United States subway will be officially unveiled. The car is the first with completely independent intellectual property rights American Standard subway car, it will be the first operation in the city of Boston of the U

In October, President Trump needed to submit a report to Congress to assess whether Iran fulfilled its commitment to the Iranian nuclear agreement. The United States requires that the United States Department of administration need to submit this report t

Beginning in October 7th, the border wall between the United States and Mexico began to enter the sample trial stage of contractors. On the day, between Mexico and California, a border town of Tecate, held a special dinner. This huge tablecloth made by ar

To go abroad to study buddy. How are you recently, is a variety of complex documents and the strange and eccentric extracurricular activities, make a face Meng force..... In order to find out the admissions officer routine, buddies wanted to be home Jun e

(the American reconnaissance warriors website reported on October 11th, entitled "the need to carry out the" future war of rare earth elements) of our country rely on our industry, agriculture and economic strength to win the war. When the first atomic bo

Recently, the U.S. side dished out a Madden movement is still not small bombs. In October 12th, the United States Department of state formally declared its withdrawal from unesco. And so on, feel this sentence how to see how there is a kind of deja vu ah,

In October, the autumn wind blows. American universities will also usher in the first long vacation, autumn vacation. A lot of small partners will choose travel, travel and other holiday methods. Of course, there are also options to stay in the corn house

Recently we will be all sorts of ranking scraper, home Jun think, the most practical, not how delicious meal, but can sleep much, accidentally into a normal university, can't sleep a few hours a day that is really suffering ah, if not to stay up late to c

The doctor in the story to go out with a doctor It is often seen., but in round-trip flights has met with and involved in the treatment of things not seen, the coincidence was deputy director of Wuxi City Hospital Department of thoracic surgery Wu wavelet

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