NetEase entertainment reported on October 8th, October 10th, "China's new song" finals ended, Zahi Bing Zo won, Liu Huan for the first time to become a champion mentor. 9, some netizens exposure mentor Eason Chan guest to a variety show video clips, video

"Chu Joe" since its launch, Tucao sound constantly, especially the matting, controversial. Today, Dou Xiao participated in the event, was asked about the matter, he also expressed very helpless... He said because the director does not let them go... At th

"Last Tango in Paris" stills entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, once in "the last emperor" won the Oscar director of the Italy director Bernardo Bertolucci (Bernado Bertolucci), and filmed the 1972 classic "Paris last tango",

This year's wild card team, INTZ? They collected some silly coding data, and share with you. In fact, starting from S2, the world finals there are wild card team, due to the presence of wild card team too thin, past our understanding of them is also not a

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