[] British observer network integrated "Jane's Defence Weekly" website reported on March 28th, CSIC subordinate in ship trade in 2017 Malaysia Langkawi Defense Exhibition showcased a 4000 ton frigate model, this machine adopts power similar to 054A, but Z

Whether in the equipment level, or in the overall design of the ship, the Inchon class destroyers and not too many bright spots. This kind of security is basically used in the mature technology, but also did not take the eye of the integration of the inte

India New Delhi television reported on December 6th, December 5th, the India Navy Branagh class frigate Brahmaputra River capsized in the port of Mumbai Betty watt when coming out of the dock. The India Navy says it is an unprecedented event of grief. The

In the field of cruiser and destroyer, Russia's development is relatively slow. But in the light of the design and development of the escort ship, Russia in recent years can be regarded as a big outbreak, and there is no lack of very avant-garde design. F

Data figure: China type 056 frigate (picture 9) reference news network November news media said, China fortieth ships jiangdao class Corvettes have been launched in October 28th. According to the British "Jane's Defence Weekly" reported in November 1st, t

On the French frigate is a more interesting ship, but this cargo displacement of nearly 3000 tons, but in the 12 quarter of the endurance of 24 thousand kilometers, the maximum speed of only 20 knots, even the United States a little bit faster the supply

Data figure: 3000 tons of military trade escort ship original title: China's most handsome army trade escort

In the United States and China, LCS corresponds to the type 056 frigate. So to speak

According to a summary of the news from the Indonesia network media, a navy ship in Indonesia

British supermodel Kylie · Brook and the British Navy type 23 frigate

British supermodel Kylie · Brook and the British Navy type 23 frigate

Data figure: U.S. freedom class Littoral Combat Ship [in 2016 according to the office of Naval Research

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